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Ap Human Geo-Rate of Natural Increase

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When a country has rapid growth such as Uganda it means that it’s a developing country. A country such as Germany is a developed country because it has a negative rate of natural increase. The rate of natural increase is the crude birth rate minus the crude death rate of a population. The rate of natural increase for Uganda is 3%. The doubling time for Uganda is 23 years. The doubling time for Germany is that ere is no doubling time. This is because Germany’s rate of natural increase is -0.

2%. Uganda’s GDP is $1,390, GDP is the average salary for one person, in one year. Germany’s GDP is $27,820.

Uganda’s health care spending is $57 per person. The health care spending that one person would spend in Germany is $2,820. The female education in Uganda is 13% that are enrolled in secondary schools, in 2004. Females that are enrolled in secondary schools in 2004, in Germany is 88%. In conclusion Uganda is a developing country and it’s living standard are poor.

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Meaning that health care isn’t there medical care in Uganda, so they can’t spend the money on it, and even if it was there, most people in Uganda would not be able to afford it since the GDP is only $1,390 per person, per year.

Overall Uganda has women with little education, because they stay at home, taking care of the children. Germany is a developed country, with a pretty high standard of life. Intern meaning that health care is in Germany, and most people do spend money on it.

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Overall Germany has women with an education, meaning more people have money to spend on things. As a whole Germany and Uganda are very different counties, and have very different living standards.

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