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Would the process be worthwhile? It would. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, or EDF, “… we can solve climate change, invest in a clean energy future, and save billions in imported oil” (Samuelson). Many argue that the United States government cannot afford to become involved in energy initiatives and anti-global warming legislation; to counter, what other alternatives does the nation have? With the typical “family spend[ing] about $1,900 per year on home utility bills,” energy is costing this nation a fortune (“Energy Savers”).

“With 2. people ii the average household,” family spending would drop from $1,900 per year to $91. 25 per year (Samuelson). To say our government cannot afford this concept is an inaccurate, false, misguided statement. However, would America’s efforts alone be enough? After all, this is a global issue. The Energy Information Administration states “the United States, China, Russia, Japan, and India … account for fifty-four percent of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions…” (graph). In contrast, recent polls express that Americans are not the only ones interested in energy conservation (graph).

The “Gallup Polls conducted in 2007 show that” America, Japan, China, Russia, and India have all attempted to reduce negative environmental impacts by the following: “using less water in [the] household”, avoiding “using certain products that harm the environment”, “voluntarily recycle[ing] newspapers, glass, aluminum, motor oil, [etc. ]”, and some have even involved themselves “in a group or organization that works to protect the environment” (graph). While Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Indians, and Russians attempt to save money by reducing energy usage, Singapore offers citizens monetary tax cuts on energy efficient cars Webber).

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Not only does Singapore offer tax cuts to those who keep the environment clean, they also financially punish those who pollute the environment with “gas-guzzling engines” (Webber). Innovation and inspiration—the combination that makes America unbeatable (Friedman). By drafting energy conservation and anti-global warming legislation, the American government will allow the planet to prosper. Better for the planet, better for the people, better for you—the American government needs to take an active role in promoting a “green revolution”.

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