AP Dashanchurna Essay

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AP Dashanchurna

Operating since 1912, Ayurvedia Pharmacy is one of the oldest operating pharmacies in Bangladesh. Despite its long life, it has failed to make its mark as one of the prominent companies in this country. It has a range of over 100 products but only four of these are prominent. Even among these four, some are faltering and losing ground to new entrants. AP Dashanchurna (white toothpowder) is one of these products.

AP Dashanchurna has been around for a very long time, but it gained popularity after the current owners took over the company from the government in the year 1979. It gained the epitome of popularity in the years 1990-95 when this name was a household name. Regretfully, AP Dashanchurna has not been able to hold on to its glory. AP Dashanchurna is now a losing concern. The company has held onto this product simply because it has been one of the flagship brands of the company for a long time.

The problem with AP Dashanchurna is that it has failed to capitalize on its long life and fame. In the meantime, products like Magic Toothpowder, Colgate Toothpowder, Shakti Majan etc have gained significant foothold in the market. These companies take a more structured approach to identifying the target market and have significantly better marketing communication. AP Dashanshurna has failed because it has not balanced its marketing communication with the target market and hence lost customers. It also failed to make use of its chief strength, the herbal makeup of the products.

AP Dashanchurna is launching a new campaign in an effort to rejuvenate the product. They are bringing changes in the packaging, going for television commercials and newspaper advertisements. They do not undertake any activities to find out consumer insights, and marketing communications are based only on gut feeling of the marketers.

A set of recommendations have been proposed for AP Dashanchurna. Our recommended marketing campaign is focused on its relevant target market and its perception in the market. The whole marketing mix has been renovated and a new marketing mix has been suggested for AP Dashanchurna. It is expected that this marketing mix will help redeem the product’s value and perception in its target market.

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