Antropology Essay Topics

The Semai Culture

A peaceful Malaysian culture by the name of Semai, is mostly known for their non-violence approach to life. This society calls the Malay Peninsula of South Asia home. With a unique way of life, the environment and their beliefs help mold the culture and its people. This paper will outline how the Semai culture socially… View Article

Gebusi cultural world

In this chapter, we see the expressive richness and beauty of Gebusi cultural world. How did reciprocity play a role in leading up to the initiation celebration (how did it strengthen social ties between people)? Gebusi Clan membership passes down to the next generation from father to son. In the US most families are patrilinial… View Article

Cultural antropology

Judith M. Fitzpatrick has worked in the Pacific for the last 25 years investigating health and environment issues from a cultural perspective. Her book “Endangered Peoples of Oceania: Struggles to Survive and Thrive” presents a unique opportunity to discover how the peoples of Oceania are struggling to be economically independent and autonomous while maintaining their… View Article