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Antisocial Personality Disorder- Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy is known to be the worst serial killer in U.S. History. In the 1970’s, Ted raped and murdered women in at least five different states. Bundy eventually confessed to thirty murders, although the actual total remains unknown. Theodore Robert Bundy was born on November 24th, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont to Eleanor Louise Cowell, a 22 year old single woman. Ted’s mom never told him much about his father other than that he was in the armed forces and that they never were really together.

Bundy had a difficult childhood and was pretty much an wanted by his mother. After being left in foster care for two months, Eleanor decided to have her parents raise Ted and make him and everyone believe that they were his adopted parents and that Eleanor was his sister. At the age of five, Ted took the name of his new step-father, Johnnie Bundy. (Thesis) Although Bundy was academically successful as a young adult, he grew up into being one of the worst serial killers known to ever step foot in the United States of America.

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Some could argue that Ted’s upbringing is what turned him into the man that he had later become. Although Bundy loved his grandfather, he was known as an ill-tempered bully. He expected everyone to do what he said and meet his demands and if not he could be verbally and physically abusive. He also physically mistreated animals including their family pet. All of this made Ted’s grandmother suffer from severe depression and agoraphobia and she never really left the house.

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This was the only possible known trauma in Ted’s life. As he got older and more aware of his surroundings his parents his mother took him with her to Washington with her new husband John. Ted and his step-father were never particularly close but no abuse was ever evident and Eleanor was devoted to her son, though he remained confused about their relationship. Ted’s teenage years went by peaceful, other than a couple incidents of being a suspect in a burglary which he was never charged for. Bundy graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1965. By this time it was evident that Bundy was socially retarded and was stealing on the regular. Bundy was a fairly intelligent man and attended the University of Washington where he met a woman named Stephanie Brooks. Stephanie was known as a beautiful, young, Caucasian woman with long, dark hair. She came from a wealthy family in California and she was everything that Ted could have ever dreamed of being with. Bundy couldn’t believe that someone as gorgeous as her could ever be interested in someone like him.

Bundy had a weakness for being shy and having a lack of confidence in himself. Bundy fell for Stephanie and grew to love her quickly. Although Stephanie was never known for loving Ted or as much as he loved her, they seemed like a pretty happy couple. They both loved to ski, which is something that they did on the regular to enjoy with one another. Stephanie was Ted’s first love and first person to engage with sexually. Ted’s mental and sexual disabilities took over and got the better of him and couldn’t accept the feeling that Stephanie was possibly to good for him. Ted was always did everything that he could to impress her, whether if it meant lying to her, which Stephanie did not like. The relationship took a halt and ended sometime when Ted transferred to Stanford University in the fall of 1968. Bundy’s lack of confidence and self control ruined their relationship. Ted would soon drop out of college heartbroken. He never could recover from the break up. He managed to stay in touch with her after dropping out of school but she was not interested in getting back together with him. Many believe that his break up with the love of his life is what triggered him and ended up taking it out on future women in his killing spree. Her resemblance to Ted’s later victims is quite chilling. In 1969, while taking a break from school Bundy drifted around his home town of Vermont to find some answers to all of his questions growing up. There he found out that his “sister” was in fact his birth mother. He also found that his dad was listed on there, named Lloyd Marshall. Bundy waited until the fall to resume his studies at the University of Washington where he excelled greatly than before. He ended up in honors classes and became engaged in local politics, where he transcended in. Ted Bundy graduated from Washington with a degree in psychology. In the summer of 1973 Ted got accepted into the University of Utah Law School. Everything still going smoothly for Bundy and seemed to be headed for abundant things.

No one will ever really know what happened to set Ted Bundy off, but around 1973 he began raping and murdering women at a surprising rate. No one really knows exactly when and how many woman he had murdered but he was a prime suspect in many unsolved murders. Kathy Devine was last seen getting into a green pick-up on November 25, 1973, which was later found that Ted Bundy had the same green pick-up at the time. Fifteen year old Divine’s
decomposed remains were found on December 6 with her jeans cut open in between her legs. Her throat was cut and the investigators concluded that she was murdered right after she disappeared and there were no leads or evidence to bring someone to justice for the acts they have committed on this poor girl. In early 1974, two girls with similar acts of crimes against them were committed in less than a month time span. They were reported to have been beaten over the head and had a metal rod stuck up their vagina. One survived the attack with brain damage and internal organ injuries but the other was fatal. For some reason there was never any finger prints taken or testing of semen on the bed so yet again Ted Bundy was on the strike. Bundy did whatever he could to reel in his victims. Ted would use fake casts, splints, and crutches to get his victims attention that he was in need of help. Six weeks after Bundy’s attack on Lynda Healy another girl went missing. Her name was Donna Mansion and she was a nineteen year old college student who had never arrived to the jazz concert she was scheduled to attend. Still to this day her body is yet to be found.

Three other woman ended up departing from the face of the earth with no sign of them. On July 14, 1974 a woman named Janice Ott was last seen talking to a man with a cast asking her if she could help him with his sailboat. Generously Ott went off with him and was never seen again. Soon after killing Ott, on the same day he abducted an 18 year old secretary at a park. Bundy had now murdered two people in broad daylight. Another strange thing that Ted did was use his real name around people of the crime. While Ted moved back to Utah where he had become a dormitory manager for the University of Utah, there he had killed at least eleven women. Some time near the end 1974, the police began discovering the scope of the killer and pieces of bodies from reported missing women were slowly but surely being found. Ted had his first encounter with the police since his killing spree in August of 1975. He was stopped by a cop for driving suspiciously. The police ended up checking his trunk and found a ski mask, a mask made of pantyhose, a rope, and handcuffs which all were items used in his rapes. He was then convicted of kidnapping and was sent to prison where his parents eventually bailed him out. Ted made his first escape in 1977 in a courthouse in Colorado when he was to stand trial for murder. A few days later, however, Ted was stopped by a police officer for reckless driving and
that is when they found him yet again and sent him back to jail. Miraculously, In December, 1977, ted was able to escape for the second time and headed south east to Florida. It only took one week for another murder to happen from the hands of Ted Bundy. The case was known as the “Chi Omega murder”, and happened around three a.m. On January 15.

This incident happened at Florida State University in a Chi Omega Sorority house, while Ted Bundy entered and killed to women who were asleep at the time. Bundy bludgeoned and strangled them both to death while using a branch from an oak tree. Police found one woman with her nipple bitten off her breast and bite marks on her buttocks. Bundy then entered another room and severely injured two more Omegas. If that wasn’t enough, Bundy then broke into another house clubbing and severely injuring another student, and left her for dead. A pantyhose mask was found by detectives similar to the one found back in Utah five months earlier, which was found with semen. However, she ended up surviving the brutal beating. Her skull had been fractured in five places, her jaw broken, and a shoulder dislocated. She now suffers from equilibrium problems and permanent hearing loss. Ted Bundy’s last victim to be murdered by his hands was a 12 year old girl by the name of Kimberly Leach on Febuary 9, 1978, in Lake City, Florida. The police received a disturbing phone call from saddened parents that their child has been missing. Kimberly had left one building of the school to go to another to recover her purse while never being seen after that. A witness nearby stated that she was last seen in a white van with an angry looking man who could of passed for being her father. Kimberly’s body was found on April 12 near Suwanee River State park about thirty miles away from the school where she was abducted. Her cause of death was unknown due to decomposition and that she had been there for to long to even be recognizable. A big key into bringing Ted Bundy finally in for good was in a situation a few days before the Kimberly Leach case, Bundy approached a fourteen year old girl in a white van as she was waiting for her brother to pick her up. Bundy said that he was a local firefighter and asked her if she attended the school nearby. She began to feel uncomfortable and she had learned from her father, who was the chief of Detectives for the Jacksonville Police Department, to never talk to strangers. If not being so well trained by her father growing up, she very well could have been another victim to Bundy’s long list. While
Bundy still trying to persuade her to come with him, her brother finally showed up and picked her up. Her brother, suspicious of the man, wrote down Bundy’s license plate number and gave it to his dad. The father of the potential victim and her brother, Detective James Parmenter looked into the case of the man who approached his daughter. He ended up finding out that the license plate belonged to a man named Randall Ragen. Randall told the detective that his license plates had been stolen. Detective Parmenter also learned that the white van was a stolen vehicle. The detective had a clue that the man might have been Ted Bundy so he brought a couple of mug shots to the station for his children to see who the man was. Sure enough, they both pointed at Ted Bundy and positively stated that he was the man who approached them. With Bundy’s van in the hands of the law enforcement, Ted Bundy had no way on earth to ever laying another foot on free American soil. Forensic tests concluded that the van yielded fibers of material from Ted’s clothes. Tests also informed that Kimberly Leach’s blood type on the carpet of the van was found along with semen from Bundy.

There was also impressions from Ted’s shoe in the area where Kimberly’s body was found. With all of this evidence, all they have to do now is find Ted Bundy. The hero known for finding the United States most horrific serial killer was a man by the name of David Lee, who was an officer in Pensacola, patrolling a neighborhood at the time. Bundy had his stolen parked VW bug outside and David Lee knew the area very well and noticed that he had never seen this car before. Being safe, he ran a quick check on the plates and found out that they were stolen. He immediately turned on his lights and pursued Bundy. After trying to flee and fighting with the officer, Lee ended up over powering him and cuffed Bundy and got hi into his car. If it wasn’t for Lee doing his job and being aware of his area, who knows how many more lives could have been taken by the hands of Ted Bundy. After compiling all the evidence with the van and being charged in Leach’s case, Bundy would also be later charged with the Chi Omega murders. Ted would plead not guilty to the offenses and would later face the death penalty. Later on in prison Bundy would admit to the killings of at least thirty women. Bundy never showed any remorse or regret in any of the acts that he had committed. He was surprised in the anger about the killings and how sad people were. He didn’t see what was the big deal of one less person on the earth. He was truly a sick person. Bundy was diagnosed with Antisocial personality disorder. Many people were quite surprised about the appearance of Ted Bundy. He was quite charming and was well educated, earning his degree at the University of Washington. It all makes sense though due to the fact that if you are a stranger and able to pick up thirty women there has to be a charm about that individual. But Bundy chose to go a different path, he chose to be a killer and he ended up facing judgment for his acts. To this day, only one could debate why Bundy would do such horrendous acts toward women. It is obvious that he had mental disabilities and he was aware of it. Many just believe from day one, he was a born killer. He claims that he was raised in a good christian home and never had any physical or sexual abuse taken on him. On his final interview on a day before his execution he admitted that he is mentally sick and far from normal. The reporter asked him what triggered his attacks and Bundy went on saying that pornography and violence is the number one thing that sparked his motives. Bundy had this addiction and just watching and reading it wasn’t enough. He wanted to engage in his horrific fantasies and that’s what he ended up accomplishing. Whether if it was right or wrong, Bundy just did whatever he had to do to fulfill his needs.

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