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This house will not legalized divorce for it cost money, hurts children and also it changes personal relationships. Many people just don’t know the real importance of marriage even before planning of the wedding. Divorce is not the solution to the problems of many couple having their difficulties, they should put in their mind that they should save the relationship. Children is the number one reason to keep the family together and bravely face all the problems.

We should stand as the last standing country that did not legalized divorce and fight our dignity as a Filipino and as a person. Love of the family is the Filipino cultural identity. Family is very important and we should not give the evil an opportunity to destroy our gift of life which is our family. Many people didn’t realized the true essence of having a Family because they are use of divorce. And here are some factors on why we will not legalized Divorce here in the Philippines.

Side Effects of Divorce :
1. One out of every two marriages ends in divorce.

2. In 1991, only 50.8% of American children were living with a mother and a father. The numbers have worsened since that study.

3. Approximately 4% of American children are living only with their father.

4. The vast majority of children who are raised in a two-parent home will never be poor during childhood. By contrast, the vast majority of children who spend time in a single-parent home will experience poverty.

5. Children from female-headed homes are five times as likely to be poor as children in two-parent families.

6. Four times as many divorced women with children fell under the poverty line than married women with children.

7. Children from disrupted marriages experience greater risk of injury, asthma, headaches, and speech defects than children from intact families.

8. Suicide rates for children of divorce are measurably higher than for children from intact families.

9. Children of divorce were found to be twice as likely as chidren from intact families to drop out of school.

10. Young adults ages 18-22 from disrupted families were found to be twice as likely to have poor relationships with their mothers and/or fathers, and that the effects were still evident 12-22 years after the breakup.

11. Divorced adults, particularly divorced men, experience early health problems to a measurably greater extent than married individuals. Premature death rates for divorced men double that of marriend men from such cuases as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and strokes.

12. The suicide rate for divorced white men was four times higher than for their married counterparts.

13. Divorced or separated men undergo inpatient or outpatient psychiatric care at a rate of 10 times more than married men. Divorced or separated women’s usage of such care increased fivefold.

So What’s The Real Answer?
Fear of God and teach Morality… Morality… and Morality…. If we have the fear of God and we understand what morality means, then we understand the real answer to the growing problems related to violence against women and children. Divorce is definitely NOT a TRUE medicine nor a solution to the growing domestic problems. I see it just like illegal drugs which may have a little benefit of easing the pain of the patient. But in most cases, it is an addictive medicine that can kill and destroy life and relationships. And finally, let me state this as Filipino as possible:

HWAG PO TAYO MAGING “GAYA-GAYA SA IBANG BANSA”. Nag-approve lang ang Malta na
magkaroon sila ng divorce, tayo gusto na rin natin. Wala na bang maisip na batas ang mga Congressman and Congresswomen natin kundi mga gaya-gaya na batas?

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