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Anthropology 1

Categories Culture, Social science, Society, Sociology

Essay, Pages 6 (1339 words)



Essay, Pages 6 (1339 words)

A quantitative approach to studying the archaeological past would be most interested in
building and testing hypotheses by collecting, classifying, and measuring the remains of past cultures
Diversity defined anthropologically
focuses on multiplicity and variety
Contemporary cultural anthropologists still rank societies along an evolutionary scale from “primitive” to “advanced.”
The defining feature of historical particularism is
individual societies develop particular cultural traits and undergo a unique process of change
The subfield of anthropology that studies the material remains of past cultures, often focusing on the rise of cities, is called
The subfield of anthropology that studies language use is called
linguistic anthropology
Culture is
learned and shared
Qualitative methods often use the researchers themselves as the research instrument
The primary ethical responsibility of anthropologists is to
the people or species they study
The most enduring and ritualized aspects of culture are referred to as
Who was responsible for the theory of functionalism?
Bronislaw Malinowski
A qualitative approach to studying social life in your university would emphasize all of the following except
the construction of statistical models to explain activities in the community
Even though anthropologists use parts of the scientific method, some don’t see what they do as science because
the complexity of social behavior prevents any completely objective analysis of human culture
he process of learning culture from a very young age is called
The moral and intellectual principle that one should withhold judgment about seemingly strange or exotic beliefs and practices is
cultural relativism
Historical archaeologists excavate sites where written historical documentation exists that provides an accurate description of the way the people actually lived.

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The thinker who developed the theory of evolution by means of natural selection in the nineteenth century was
Charles Darwin
A relativistic perspective on the meanings of Coca-Cola in Tzotzil Maya communities in Chiapas, Mexico, would emphasize
that those meanings are only sensible within a culturally specific set of ideas about religion and spirituality
Cultural determinism is unproductive for cultural analysis because
all of the above
An ethical approach to anthropological research would emphasize
all of the above
A biocultural analysis of carpal tunnel syndrome would emphasize the complex intersection of environmental, biological, and social causes of it.

Seth M. Holmes chose to begin his fieldwork in the U.S. rather than in Mexico because he was able to obtain permission to work alongside migrant laborers at a berry farm in the Pacific Northwest and he felt this was a better way to develop relationships with the people in his study group.
When did anthropology emerge as an academic discipline?
Which of the following is the defining methodology to the discipline of anthropology?
Field notes are usually written on the spot, not after the fact.
The perspective that aims to identify and understand cultures in the entirety is called
The American Anthropological Association code of ethics requires that anthropologists do no harm to the populations they study; to help protect his study population, Seth M. Holmes changed the names of some of the people and places he writes about in Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United States.
The comparative method
all of the above
A key principle of the holistic perspective developed by Franz Boas is
a goal of synthesizing the entire context of human experience
This anthropologist rejected the idea that there are groups of people belonging to stable and unchanging races
Franz Boas
Assuming your culture’s way of doing things is the best is
In Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United States, what northern Mexico border town do the migrants stop to prepare to cross the border?
The flexibility of the brain is called
neural plasticity
A key concern in the 1850s that shaped the discipline of anthropology was the emergence of a new scientific theory called “evolution.”
If you wanted to understand the norms of a society, you would be most likely to focus on
everyday interactions
An evolutionary perspective would be most likely to explain colonialism as
the superior natural abilities of one group of people allowing them to control an inferior group of people
Which project would be best suited to parachute ethnography?
a study of community response to a disaster
According to Seth M. Holmes, the migrants believe the best time of year to cross the border is December to January because that is when there are the least number of environmental hazards and many jobs are available then.
The methods Seth M. Holmes uses for his study include
all of the above.
The application of the comparative method in his research in Papua New Guinea led coauthor Robert Welsch to focus on
all of the above.
The human mind is
all of the above.
The purpose of Seth M. Holmes ethnographic study is to
all of the above.
When crossing the U.S./Mexico border, why don’t the migrant workers look at the helicopter?
The lights from the helicopter make their eyes visible in the dark and would give away their location.
The subfield of anthropology that studies human evolution, including human genetics and human nutrition, is called
biological anthropology
The enhanced cognition of early modern humans allowed for
all of the above.
Which term refers to the knowledge about other people that emerges from relationships?
Anthropologists have always approached a problem by specializing in one of the four subfields.
In which of the following locations would you find an anthropologist doing fieldwork?
all of the above.
Anthropologists believe that the “native point of view” is better than their own.
The theory of culture that proposes that cultural practices, beliefs, and institutions fulfill the psychological and physical needs of society is called
The American anthropologist responsible for the concept of historical particularism was named
Franz Boas
The nineteenth-century British anthropologist who is credited with the development of the concept of culture through an evolutionary perspective where the most evolved societies resembled the British societies in which he lived was
E. B. Tylor
During fieldwork cultural anthropologists
all of the above
In Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United States, the migrant workers believe their migration is voluntary because though they could easily earn decent wages and live comfortably in Mexico, they make more money and have an easier life in the U.S.
Anthropologists overcome ethnocentrism by
seeing matters from the point of view of another culture
A biocultural perspective on the evolution of our species would emphasize that
culture is an emergent and dynamic element of our species’ biological evolution
Cultural relativism is important because it helps anthropologists understand and defend all the things that people in other cultures do.
What kind of data do anthropologists gather from doing interviews?
all of the above
Anthropologists of the 1880s are referred to as “armchair anthropologists” because they never traveled abroad and they gathered data from other people’s reports.
Cultural models help us make sense of the world because
they provide a pattern for one’s own behavior and interpreting others’ actions
The idea that embraces dynamic cultural processes and the idea that the observer of cultural processes can never see culture completely objectively represent
Cultural anthropology is one of the most quantitative of the social sciences.
An anthropologist might consider doing “anthropology at a distance” because
all of the above
The process by which inheritable traits are passed along to offspring because they are better suited to the environment is
natural selection
Anthropologists like E. E. Evans-Pritchard and Renato Rosaldo do not see cultural anthropology as a science.
Anthropologists believe that our behavior is influenced by
If you studied sex workers in your city as Philippe Bourgois studied crack dealers in New York City, you might find that
maintaining confidentiality is an ongoing challenge
Gene flow and genetic drift work on human populations in opposite ways.
This evolutionary mechanism is only important when population sizes are small and possibly geographically isolated
genetic drift

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