What does ego represent in a depiction of a kinship system?
the point of reference used to determine which kin terms go where

Understanding kinship systems is an important part of anthropology because
kinship ties are important to the people anthropologists study; they are a key component of people’s everyday social relations.

Anthropologists distinguish between kin terms and genealogical kin types. What is the difference?
Kin terms are the words used for different relatives in a particular language, but genealogical kin types refers to the actual genealogical relationship.

With polyandry, a woman takes more than one husband at one time

Which of the following statements about religion is NOT true?
NUTTT It can both create and maintain social solidarity.

Max Weber argued that the spread of capitalism was closely linked to the ethics and values of Catholicism.

Which of the following statements about religion is NOT true?
Religion serves only to maintain social solidarity; it does not create or maintain societal divisions.

Émile Durkheim, an early scholar of religion, stressed what he termed religious effervescence. Anthropologists too have stressed the collective, social, shared, and enacted nature of religion, the emotions it generates, and the meanings it embodies.

Which of the following kinds of religion involves part-time religious specialists in foraging societies?
NOTTTTTTT Olympian religion

Which of the following groups see a sharp divide between themselves and other religions, as well as between a “sacred” view of life and the “secular” world?
NOTTTTTTTTT Pentecostals

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