Answers Case of Abdala and Korman Essay

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Answers Case of Abdala and Korman

1. With whom do you agree here-Abdala or Korman?
I don’t agree with any of them because both made mistakes that created the situation.

2. What mistakes do you think each party made?
One of the mistakes made by both of them was the fact that both could not refrain from insulting one another. If one or the other would have simply been the bigger person and stopped responding, the situation may have not gotten out of hand. But if we focused on each of their mistakes firstly Abdala’s Mistakes:

-She should have used any other channel of communication for delivering her decision to not accept the job offer. For instance, she could have scheduled a day to go by and tell Korman in person. Personal face to face conversations make the world a lot easier and closes the door for any misunderstandings.

And if we looked into Korman’s Mistakes:

-He could have accepted her offer in rejection respectfully instead of going as far insulting her and her method of delivery. – What happened between he and Abdala should have stayed between them. -Not having a job offer contract in writing for future credibility, which is basically the abc method in each job.

3. Do think this exchange will damage Abdala’s career? Korman’s Firm? Yes, it will definitely damage her career because it is never a good idea to burn bridges with people. Especially that Korman has his own firm and experience in prosecutions, Abdala may have ruined all of her chances at even having him being her counselor. And about Korman’s firm, his unprofessionalism may gain him a reputation, but not as much damage will be done to his firm. If he is responding to offer rejections the way he did with Abdala, he could miss out on an opportunity to later hire…

4. What does this exchange tell you about the limitations of e-mail? Email
conversations in general are formal way of communicating when used in business, so we can never mix a friendly email with formal business one or else there will be huge misunderstandings in the process, the email limits us to be more professional while working so it is beneficial if used in the right manner.

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