Annulment Essay Topics

Bigamy & Alimony

If fact of first marriage was concealed from the spouse – term of imprisonment may extend to 10 years In Sarla Mudgal v UOI AIR 1995 SC 1531, the SC criticized the practice of conversion to Islam for the sake of contracting II bigamous marriage ‘coz that enables them to marry again without getting their… View Article

Reasons for the change in divorce since 1969

An easy solution or a sweet escape, the trend continues to increase and has reached its peak point . It is proven 50 out of 100 people will retrieve this or go through this procedure ,divorce . This the legal ending to a marriage and has become more popular than marriage it self since 1969… View Article


This house will not legalized divorce for it cost money, hurts children and also it changes personal relationships. Many people just don’t know the real importance of marriage even before planning of the wedding. Divorce is not the solution to the problems of many couple having their difficulties, they should put in their mind that… View Article

Divorce Should Be Legalized in the Philippines

I. Introduction Marriage is meant to last forever and vows usually include the phrase, “’til death do us part”. These are the words that most of us believed. Marriage is regarded as a sacred union between a man and a woman, thus, it must be cherished and valued with love. But what if the love… View Article