Last year, my school SMK Agama Sik organized the Annual Co-Curricular Day in collaboration with Parents-Teachers Association to raise funds for the needy students in my school. The event was held on May of 25, 2013. All the teachers and students participated in the event. They were very excited on that day. Therefore, they were eager to come to school early in the morning at about 7 o’clock.

The event started at 7.30 a.m. with the singing of the national anthem “Negaraku” and the state anthem “Negeri Kedah”.

Later, the principal of SMK Agama Sik, Puan Hajah Habibah delivered a speech for the opening ceremony. In her speech, she explained that the main purpose of having the event was to collect donation to help the needy students in my school. Furthermore, the event also gave the students a chance to have fun from the boredom and freedom of books and examinations.

During that day, all the students participated in the activities that were carried out in the school compound.

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Firstly, there were many beverages stalls set up by the various societies such as Scouts Societies, Police Cadets Societies and many more. The variety food sold included fried noodles, chicken rice, sandwiches, burgers and drinks. I was in charge of the sandwiches stalls with my frineds. The sandwiches were made by us. There were three varieties of the sandwiches-tuna, sardines and egg sandwiches. By the end of the day, we managed to collect RM400 from the sale of our sandwiches.

Secondly, the games stations also were set up by other clubs.

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There were both indoor and outdoor games. Example of indoor games carried out were scrabble, chess, carom and traditional games like musical chairs, seven stones and congkak. In addition, for outdoor games, the students played football, telematches, rock-climbing and treasure hunts. All the games were very interesting but the most one was treasure hunt. Many students joined it.

Moreover, there were also many exhibition booth set up by some societies and club in the class room in Block A. There were different rooms for different societies. All the rooms were filled with exhibits from the various subjects. There was a room each for English Club, History Club, Girl Guide Societies and others. At each section, there was a teacher in-charge with a few selected students to assist them. We could see scrapbooks, models and poster on display at each section.

Besides that, the uniformed units and some societies organized some competitions like cooking, marching and tent-pitching. The United Cadets won the marching competition while The Scout won the cooking competition and tent-pitching. The members of The United Cadets and The Scouts were on cloud nine.

Lastly, at about three in the afternoon, all the teachers and students gathered in the hall for the closing ceremony. The principal gave away the prizes to the winners. She thanked all the teachers and students for working hard in making the Annual Co-Curricular Day a success. My friends and I felt very happy to get involved in the event. Although we were very tired, but we really enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

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