Annoyances of my life Essay

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Annoyances of my life

Through my life, I can say for many reasons it is annoy. The main reasons that causes my life annoys are the following: Being a minor, the transportation, language and pressure. I have to handle all of them every day; I do have a plan to keep going and almost all of them are not permanent. First, to be 17 years old is not easy. It is a challenge for me, because I am independent but not old enough to be free. I have to ask for permission to do everything, also there is a problem to find a job.

I remember when I was 16 years old I broke my finger. The doctor did not want to see me because I am minor. A lot of disadvantages are caused by my age. Transportation is one of the biggest annoyances in my life. I have to leave home more than a hour to be on time for class, If I own a car that could be about 15 minutes. I hate when the bus is more than 2 minutes late because that makes me miss the trolley. English is not my first language; It is annoy when I cannot understand anything.

I do not like to have to read my books so many times to make sure I understood the lecture. It is annoy when people laugh because of my pronunciation or any spelling mistake. Learn another language is interesting but sometimes it makes me frustrate. I am a kind of person who does not feel well under pressure. My family are first to ask for more than what I can do. It makes me mad because I always do the best I can. Especially in college the pressure is greater, a lot of classes and homework.

Sometimes I am scare about not pass my classes, it does not let me sleep. Pressure is super annoyed for me. In conclusion, there are several things that make my life annoy. Almost all of them have a way to be solved. I will turn 18; I will get a license and be able to drive a car. College is not forever and is for a better life, my mom and brothers will be proud of me when I done my career. Thinking positive makes me see the annoyances of my life in the good way. It is great to know I am doing my best to reach my goals.

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