Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography
Aggression and Violence and the Achievement Gap Among Urban Minority Youth (Basch, 2011) is this article the author explains how the issue of violence and aggressive behaviors has become a growing problem in schools and is negatively effecting the success rate of minority students. Students who acted out violently and with aggression were once looked at as a problem to be handled by the criminal justice system. Today schools and public health systems are focusing on the problem and recognize that these behaviors are interfering with the academic success of students and peers. I chose this article because it relates with the current population of students that I am working with within my career. After reading this article it lead to some unique ideas that can possible be implemented within the school district that I currently work with. This article has current credible research to support its finding and was found in a peer reviewed journal. The research outlined the external effects that lead to violence in aggression in youth today that many people ignore. Furthermore defeating this problem is a must to close the achievement gap amongst students. Do to this, educators, community and public health programs must come together and implement evidence based school programs and policies that include educating the community and parents on ways to adhere.

The second article Using Urban Fiction to Engage At-Risk and Incarcerated Youths in Literacy Instruction by Guerre (2012) discussed ways of engaging at-risk and incarcerated youth to reading. The author’s research implied that this population was found to be more engaged and prone to read when they could identify with the material. Urban fiction has been a successful
genre of reading for at-risk and incarcerated youth and one of the best way to promote leisure reading. Using urban fiction in the classroom with this population does show a positive correlation with academic success, improved vocabulary and reading and comprehension when used. This article, like the first addresses an issue of interest to me because it is a population that I often work with. This will help me to promote awareness of the positive effects this may have in the students that I work with and a useful tool when working with youth who are being transitioned out of detention facilities. This article was found in the journal of adolescence and literacy, the research is up-to-date and supported by others in the field.

Lastly, the third article, Exemplary Efforts in Psychology to Recruit and Retain Graduate Students of Color (Rogers & Molina, 2006) studies eleven university Psychology master’s programs that are making great strides in their recruitment and retention efforts of minority and student of color. This study was developed due to previous research that found the campus community and other social and personal factors discouraged minority students of color to enroll to universities. The goal of this study was to find unique ways of making minority students of color feel comfortable in these universities, break down any misconceptions they may have and get them enrolled and guide them through the completion of their program. I chose this article because it is an effort that I am truly passionate about. Minority representation in higher education is a great way to move toward elevating stereotypes and really helping people to feel empowered and motivated. This article was peer reviewed and supported by distinguished experts in the field of psychology who study the trends of recruitment and retention efforts.

Basch, C. (2011). Aggression and violence and the achievement gap among urban minority youth. The Journal Of School Health, 81(10), 619-625. doi:10.1111/j.1746-1561.2011.00636.x Guerra, S. F. (2012). Using Urban Fiction to Engage At-Risk and Incarcerated Youths in Literacy Instruction. Journal Of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 55(5), 385-394. doi:10.1002/JAAL.00047 Rogers, M. R., & Molina, L. E. (2006). Exemplary
efforts in psychology to recruit and retain graduate students of color. American Psychologist, 61(2), 143-156. doi:10.1037/0003-066X.61.2.143 Retrieved from or Digital Object

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