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Annotated Bibliography

Based upon the journalist research of web based learning environment and different learning styles; it seems that web based learning environment is an excellent medium for enhancing learning, due to its ability to adjust to individual student learning styles and preferences. The article investigates the impact of students learning style and their performance.

Online degrees have increased since 2006. More learners are becoming more technologically savvy, and it is those learners that are technologically inept, who relies on instructional design from classroom settings and interaction with instructors and peers. The investigation leads to the assessment and learning style on student achievement in a Web based learning environment. If it was just a matter of instructional learning it would be a good fit for all, however, all does not possess technology abilities. If all learners had these abilities, web based learning styles would increase. Web based instructional design modules are not conclusive to certain learning styles. Consideration should be given to the learners characteristics whether the learner is able to grasp the material via the web based instruction.

Learners should consider their learning style, motivational level, ability to interact with the instructor and their peers. However, without these abilities, students’ learning styles will be impacted because they lack the abilities to learn via web based instruction modules. Lai, I K. W. & Lam, F.K.S. (2010). Perception of various performance criteria by stakeholders in the construction sector in Hong Kong. Research is conducted to examine different points of views of the importance of performance outcomes in a construction project in Hong Kong. ANOVA was used to analyse the data relative to how the performances were measured. Performances were measured using a performance criteria starting with the most important first, which is time. Timely completion of a project would prevent loss of revenue and penalities to the contractor. Lai and Lam noted that construction projects require concise planning, and are divided between the consultant and the contractor. However, each party plays a significant part in the projects’ success.

The difference between the client and the contractor; the client usually push for timely completion and would offer an incentive bonus for timely completion, however, the contractor would prefer a reasonable duration of time, therefore to avoid penalities to the contractor. The client, consultant, and the contractor, all parterner together to make the project a success by bringing job satisfaction, quality, safety, environment, generation of innovative ideas, performance criteria, and effectiveness to the project. Avoiding any mishaps that will delay or keep the project from running smoothly. Williams, A BTM7101-8 Activity 6, pg 2 The results of the research found that time was the most important factor of the project and should be taken into consideration early on in the planning process, and certain allowances should be factored into the budget, such as time constraints, delays, and mishaps that could happen during the construction of the project. References

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