Annie’s Homegrown Video case questions and answers Essay

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Annie’s Homegrown Video case questions and answers

1) Annie knew what she wanted and had the willingness and determination to see it through. a) Annie’s person characteristics of being health conscious, willing to take chances and focusing on no only her wants and needs, but also the wants and needs of others has helped shape the success of her business. 2) The company evolved into a multimillion dollar leader in the natural organic food industry by identifying the markets and then focused on the top ten markets. In those markets Annie’s company focused on the products attributes, being realistic and willing to take chances while maintaining a high loyalty to its existing customers. In 1998 capital infusion from Consorzio and Fantastic Foods help fuel growth in Annie’s business.

Consumer satisfaction and brand awareness helped get the attention of another investor Solara Capital LLC in 2002. These investors where looking to enter into the organic food market and by investing in Annie’s company they helped the growth of Annie’s business as well. So with the help from loyal customers and investors Annie’s business was able to grow. a) I think that the only growth strategies would be focusing on what the consumer wants and finding ways to provide that. The only other thing that I can see would be trying to get more product placement in stores that they are currently not in. 3) The web site has many unique feature like:

a) Spreading the goodness – finding out what’s new at Annie’s. b) Taste Our Products – give a list of products with descriptions and pictures. c) Recipes and fun tab – recipes and a kids club and a way to get free stuff d) The website its self is very unique and lively, a pleasant site to visit. 4) The web site promote Annie’s mission by having it right on the home screen of the web site. It also promotes her mission be everything that is on each page of the web site, from products to articles to recipes.

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