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Anne Frank’s Post Capture Diary Essay

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The following all takes place between the time of Anne Frank and family’s capture and her death in Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp 4th August 1944 I don’t know what happened. I just don’t know. There is no way they could have found without some despicable, racist and selfish person turning us in. Margot hasn’t stopped crying. She is depending on me. I have to put on a brave face no matter how terrified I am of our destination and what awaits us there.

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The truck we are on smells of urine and something else disgusting I can’t imagine what is secreting out. They tell us that we are going to a prison where we can meet other scum like us. I think it is them who should be locked up. After all it is they themselves who are the scum…

5th August 1944 We have arrived at our destination. I caught a glimpse of the name. We are in Weteringschan Prison. It means the prison of death. I can see why. Rotting corpses are all around. Many of us have vomited at the mere sight. However we have been told there is worse to come. I can’t imagine a worse place than this. I am beginning to feel an illness about me. If I am sickening for something this early on, I will never survive. Soon they are shipping us off to Westerbork. I assume that where I will perish. I’m so scared. I don’t know how much longer I can bear this…

August 8th 1944 This is it. I cannot go on living anymore. They separated myself and Margot from Mummy and Pim. I kicked up such a fuss that Margot had to pull me back to keep the guards from shooting me there and then. There are no words to describe how melancholy I am feeling right now. I just have to sleep and hope that this fiendish life is all just a nightmarish dream… September 3rd 1944 I was shaken awake by guards early this morning.

I was not awake enough to catch all of what they said but I caught the gist of it. Auschwitz Death Camp. Those words stroke fear deep into my heart. All hope of survival drained instantly from my body. I didn’t have the energy to fight back, so I stumbled onto the train with what few belongings I had left and watched my screaming tearful mother reach out to us. I couldn’t stop crying for the whole journey. Why are the Nazis doing this to us? What have we ever done to upset anyone? I’ve tried to lead a good life but obviously god needs to make Jews repent for something. Maybe this is like Noah’s Ark. God is cleansing the Earth of all bad things. Maybe we are bad. Maybe we do deserve to die…

September 5th 1944 Westerbork isn’t as bad I thought. Apparently the Germans just let the Jews run the place as long we work hard. Me and Margot have been ‘sentenced’ to potato peeling. There are worse jobs out there! I still miss Mum and Pim so much though. I hope they’re okay… October 19th 1944 My hopes lifted when we were sent away form this horrible place. They descended back down again as soon as I realised we were just being transported to the worst place I had ever heard of. Bergen Belsen…

December 24th 1942 What a way to spend Christmas. Crammed in a dark dank hole with hundreds of others like us. There appears to be an outbreak of a disease with yellow pustules oozing blood in the rest of the tents. It is only a matter of time before it reaches me and Margot. Speaking of Margot, she is sickening a lot worse than me. She is as pale as a ghost. I don’t know how likely it is for her to pull through…

January 12th 1945 The Germans might as well have abandoned us. There is no food or water. Everyone is covered in mud and scars. We only have bits of cloth to cover ourselves with. Worst of all Margot is taking a new turn for the worse every day. She can’t even walk anymore. She spends all day in bed, just coughing and spluttering. The little food I get goes to her. I’m so cold. We can’t last much longer… 19th March 1945 I can’t go on. I woke up this morning. Margot didn’t. I can’t even walk as I am so grief-stricken. All hope is lost. Hitler will conquer the world and it shall perish at his hands… It is believed Anne died within a few days of Margot. They both perished of Typhus in March 1945.

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