Anne Bradstreet’s Contributions to What It Means to Be American

There has been a series or different kinds of authors from the Colombus exploration time period to the civil war. These three authors that have stuck out to me are Anne Bradstreet, Edward Taylor and John Winthrop. All three of the authors brought something different to the table with their writings. Anne Bradstreet, Edward Taylor and John Winthrop contributed to the American Identity with their writing. They contributed to the American Identity with their tone mood, and point of view. The million-dollar question is what does these three authors contribute to what it means to be an American? Anne Bradstreet was a famous woman who wrote poems around the early 1600’s during the puritan time period.

Anne poems talked about puritan women in her writing. Her poetry talked about her old life and her new life and how she was spritely.

She basically wrote about her good and bad life experiences such as the struggles of the puritans and her life.

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One of her most famous poems was “to my dear and loving husband”. She was the first woman to have a woman to create and publish a book in the united states. In the poems Anne Bradstreet her mood can be loving and which is loving. The tone of Anne Bradstreet poems was a little bit of godly Anne Bradstreet has plenty to contribute to what it means to be an American. Anne Bradstreet contributed to what it means to be an American because Anne tone is loving which everybody should love each other in America.

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This author Anne Bradstreet contribute love and region to the American identity Edward Taylor was a poet and a pastor who lived in the puritan time period. His poems are also from a godly standpoint and talks about religion.

Edward Taylor was from England where he started off as an educator. He wrote about his experiences or autobiography’s as well but he mainly wrote poems. Edward Taylor moods in his poetry was happiness or glee. The tone of Edward Taylors poems is aspiration. Edward Taylor has plenty to contribute to what does it mean to be an American. Edward Taylor contributed to what does it mean to be an American because her she wrote about herself spiritually which in America, we use the say “In God we Trust”. Edward Taylor contributed happiness to the American identity William Braford was a young teen when both of his parents died or was deceased. He was a teen when he decided to come to the new world by a boat called the mayflower. He was one of the pilgrims upon the mayflower coming to find a new life in the new world. he was the governor of Plymouth. His journal was about the struggles on their (pilgrims) sailing or way to the new world.

Even though his journal had various amount of information on about the pilgrim’s struggles, his poetry gave details or was referring to Plymouth. Williams tone though his poetry is loyalty. The mood throughout his poetry was religious and very godly. William Bradford contributed loyalty to the American identity. Even though some people don’t feel or consider them as real authors or as if they don’t count, all three of these authors contributed to what it means to be an American and the American identity through mainly their moods and tone in their poetry journal, or short stories. These authors pave the way for other author before my time and during my time.

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