Animism and the Alphabet Essay

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Animism and the Alphabet

Animism and the Alphabet

The author writes about human being how to develop writing system such as European civilization and the Greek origins. Then talk about “hieroglyphic” and explain the development of the writing process, this was human primeval communication, which a method of identifying with the animal draw on the wall. After they slowly learn to use images or picture to present what their said. Then, he thinks the ideograms of writing Ideographic scripts must make use of a vast number of stylized glyphs or characters, therefore, there are only a few people who highly trained it. Its hard for writing and training, more and more people choice it as how to describe way. With the advent of the aleph- beth, this new innovation changed new distance and open between human life and the rest of nature, people know how to practice and improve their writing ability.

So the author is saying that” the larger, more than human life world is no longer a part of the semiotic, no longer a necessary part of the system” The development of human being language benefits our environment, people will reduce hunting to treat as sign and less depend on nature. I don’t agree the author’s views, because people should be eager to explore new stuff. More innovation can show human being value. Even if some ways is like a double edged sword, try to change new method, the writing system will be benefit more and more in the future.

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