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Animals Should Be Free

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (393 words)
Categories: Animal, Kindness Towards Animals, Life, Nature, Should Animals Be Tamed, Zoo
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Zoos are locations where we can see a great deal of kinds of animals, even some animals that we do not envision that we could see; however, personally, I think that animals must be complimentary and people must never keep them in zoos. To start with, animals can be totally free and nobody can personal them to that. They are born complimentary and zoos are not permitted them to have a complimentary life. Instead to keep animals in zoos why do not we assist them to exist side-by-side and survive in their own habitat?

It is very easy to go to the zoos with our household and enjoy them, but do we know what they feel living in that place?.

The very first time that I went to a zoo I was 7 years old and I felt very ecstatic, however then when I saw a some little tigers that were being separated from their family, I understood that it was really harsh due to the fact that even animals require to be closed to their household.

Second of all, a lot of animals require to be in an open environment in order to be in touch with others.

They grew up to deal with a lot unsafe things in their own environment, such as, make it through around some depredators who make them susceptible however at the same time stronger. So, what occurred with others who are being kept in zoos? Those animals could not live by themselves; they turn reliant and could never get experience like the others. I have actually seen a documental that reveals how animals that reside in the jungle have taught by their moms and dads to get food and safeguard themselves by harmful animals.

In addition, people who keep animals in the zoo make them more aggressive, consequently dangerous for everybody who goes to the zoo. Studies have shown that animals that live in zoos are more aggressive than others who do not; scientists say that it is because some of them are mistreated by people who work in zoos or visit it. In conclusion, zoos allow us to see many animals, but it is not a good place to live. Animals are living creatures, like us, and it makes them have the right to be free, living in an environment where they can feel comfortable.

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Animals Should Be Free. (2016, Sep 29). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/animals-should-be-free-essay

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