Animals Idioms In Chinese And English Cultures Cultural Studies Essay

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Parlances are by all means the crystallisation of a linguistic communication due to its long history and besides, they stating presentation of wisdom of a nation.Chinese and English parlances have their different cultural traits.This paper compares Chinese and English parlances of animate beings, discusses the influence of cultural differences on Chinese and English parlances and gives some specific attacks to the apprehension of Chinese and English parlances of animate beings.

i?»Keywordsi?? : cultural differences ; similarities and differences ; English contrast ; parlances of Animals ;

1. The construct of parlances of Animals and the grounds for analyzing the parlances of Animal

The English universe is merely like a Kaleidoscope, besides we can handle it as a Labyrinth.Animals and human beingshave been friends since old times. Languages of all sorts of states ain tonss of words related to animate beings and so make Chinese and English. In the development of our society, carnal words bit by bit get their stable significances in all sorts of linguistic communications, viz.

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, people associate their feelings and emotions, even ideas and natural phenomena with different sorts of animate beings which are treated to stand for different characters like people, or serve as portents. So animate beings bit by bit have become a certain sort of symbol in our ideas, so this symbol rooted in the linguistic communication at last. So in this universe, there is a subdivision which can non be ignored-the English parlance whose map is indispensable.In this essay, it will concentrate on one subdivision of the English parlance, the parlance of animate beings, because when people use this sort of parlance, sometimes they will experience baffled of this sort of parlance, for the ground of the different civilization background and emotion towards different animate beings, people from West and east normally holds different position towards the same animate beings, but they can besides make understanding sometimes ( e??c¦??•?1999 ) .

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In the organic structure portion, Section 1 shows the different position towards the same animate beings. Section 2 negotiations about the same position towards the same animate beings. Section 3 provinces theA influencesA ofA CulturalA factorA onA parlances of animals.From the lexicon, the difinition of parlance is they are by all means the crystallisation of a linguistic communication due to its long history and besides, they stating presentation of wisdom of a state. Without parlances, particularly the parlances of animals.The linguistic communication can became really dull and we can non show some feelings every bit vivid as right now. If we use a metaphor manner to show, so it is merely like the filtered H2O came from the purer H2O, the filtered merchandise of a linguistic communication — -idioms, are of high quality. In footings of similarity, the essay will cover with from the arising from folk life, arising from day-to-day life and arising from usage background.The differences will be foucused on reflecting different geographics, reflecting different value constructs and reflecting different faiths.

2. The cultural intension towards the animate beings in the English civilization and Chinese civilization

The western history Begins when the ascendants find and fight for their natural home ground by sailing in the sea, the western people have a complicated mixture of marine civilization. During those tough timeof the battle against with the sea, the western people formed a strong sense of controlness and invasion by force to enlarge their district. Based on this ideas, the western civilization is marked by the westerners ‘ grasp for competition and endeavor. These differences leads to so many cultural differences. For illustration, the geographic location, single values, societal consciousness, the manner of communicating and expression.All these ideas have formed the civilization background which effects the parlances of animate beings.

2.1. An carnal word has the same cultural intension in English and Chinese

In both English and Chinese, the same carnal words contain the same or similar cultural intension. All humanbeings are lives on the same planet. Peoples have similar life ambiance, cognitive ability and psychological science ; In both Chinese and English, people about have the same information towards animate beings. Therefore, they have the same or similar realisation and give the same cultural intension to animal words. Peoples sometimes besides hold same positions towards the same animate beings in both English and Chinese, Based on this emotion concept.then the influences have taken effects on the same animals.The connotation of parlances of animate beings can connected with los of background informattion.However, the cultural grounds are difinitely ranks on the top of the list.Based on the facet of common people life and the facet of stereotype of thoughts. , the survey of the same position towards the parlances of the same animate beings will analyse it.

2.1.1 Disscution from the facet of the familiarity with the humanbeings

In this universe, possibly the Canis familiaris is the most loyal animate being which people from both east and west would love it.But even Canis familiaris is a favourite animate being for most people, we still can happen out that the emotion towards Canis familiaris is a small different.From some popular American common people vocal, we can happen how deep the emotion of the Americans towards the Canis familiaris, people from the West frequently treat the Canis familiaris as one of their household the West, the common name of Canis familiaris is Fido which extended from the Latin word-fides which means faithful ( Bakeri??Mona. 1992 ) .Also tonss of people of west name their Canis familiariss after their darling household member, for case, the ex-president of America, Bill Clinton name his Canis familiaris after his uncle.So the parlances related to the Canis familiariss cames out, merely as the top Canis familiaris means the victor, the large Canis familiaris means Mr.Big etc.But in the E, the parlances of Canis familiariss frequently have derogative sense.

Disscution from the facet of faith influence

Peoples who learn English might cognize an parlance of elephant-the white elephant, which means an inanimate ownership that is likewise unwanted and difficult to acquire rid of, but excessively dearly-won merely to throw out or abandon.Another parlance of elephant in English is as midst skinned as an elephant, which means obstinate and Obtuse.however, in the eastern state, the elephant is a symbol of strength and power, in some Buddhist states, the elephant is besides a holy symbol of their faith.

2.1.3 Disscution from the facet of common people life

Both the E and the West treat the hog as a symbol of idling and stupid.The parlances of hog in the West and the E are all related to the bad side.For case, Never cast ye your pearls before swine ( Christine Ammer,2005 ) , this parlance means to blow cherished words or workss on the underserving.Another illustration is you ca n’t do a silk bag from a sow ‘s ear, this means you ca n’t turn an underserving animal or thing into one of great worth.

Disscution from the facet of stereotype of ideas

Both the Chinese and English think that the fox stands for cunning, so when English people say “ He is a fox ” , the Chinese people can easy catch the significance of the sentence at the same ambiance. To the English talker and Chinese people, the first feeling of hog is fat. It besides represent indolence and stupidity. The ” wolf ” is one sort of fierce wild animate being in the wood. So its natural inherent aptitudes are avariciousness and fierceness rooted in people ‘s heads. So we frequently hear some of the same looks in English and in Chinese, such as “ a wolf in a sheep ‘s vesture ” or “ cry wolf ” . In add-on, when “ wolf ” is used to mention to a individual, it means “ a adult male who ever ready to do unsual progresss to a adult female ” . Therefore, in English, there is an idiom “ a wolf whistling ” ( Christine Ammer,2005 ) .

2.2. An carnal word has different cultural intensions in English and Chinese

It can be seen that the cultural intensions of animate being words in different linguistic communications in a topic to be farther investigation and the contrust and analysis of cultural intensions of animate being words between English and Chinese. It is clear to acquire the decision that carnal words is non merely reflects the existent animate being but besides get particular cultural intensions of different civilizations ( Bakeri??Mona. 1992 ) .Gnerally talking, if people want to acquire a good cognition of animate being words, they must seek their best to hold on the intensions of these words particularly the cultural intensions, so they should hold a comprehensive cognition in order to understand the cultural differences in this undertaking. Peoples can be profoundly acquaint with the cultural convention and life imposts, so they can pass on with English talking people of course and easy. These parlances are given the same cultural significance from their characteristics, so in both English and Chinese, they can understand each other straight and easy no affair in cross-cultural communicating or non. Meanwhile, with more and more communicating, tonss of new words come into both linguistic communications. We can happen some parlances of animate beings with even the same images and the same modulations.

2.2.1 Disscution from the facet of use in day-to-day life

At first, doney is called buttocks which refer to the stupid and obstinate things and person.In the Aesop ‘s Fables, there is an buttocks in a king of beasts ‘s tegument, the other animate beings thought the king of beasts is coming, and run off quickly.the donkey felt proud, but a fox know it ‘s non a king of beasts, but a donkey, so the fox mocked the donkey ( Nida,1975 ) .In English, an buttocks in a king of beasts ‘s tegument means to act/play the buttocks or to do an buttocks of onself.In the western civilization, donkey is a symbol of foolishment, the buttocks wags his ears means the sap make-believe smart.However, in the civilization of E, people thought donkey is hardworking, what ‘s more, people do n’t necessitate to look after them excessively much.

2.2.2 Disscution from the facet of value constructs

There is a paragraph taken from the Bible, the chief ideal is when people come to this universe, the God will take the good from the bad.From this, we can acquire to cognize that the caprine animal refers to the bad, from the clip of the Bible, people realized that the value of sheep is more than the caprine animal, so in English, the caprine animal means the bad people or the Satyr.let us look at the parlance of caprine animal, for illustration, If face funguss were all, so caprine animals would preach.This means old age does non needfully bespeak wisdom.In the E, people thought the caprine animal is good, they take the advantages of the caprine animal ‘s meat and tegument, the caprine animal has tonss of use ( Smith,1957 ) .

2.2.3. Disscution from the facet of usage background

This is another good illustration of this essay, in the E, people think the bull is courageous and industrious.Take the Chinese people for case, from the old times, people begin to utilize the bull to plough the fields.nowadays, the bull is still being used in the countryside, so the Chinese normally use the bull to depict the industious people who work really difficult and practical.what ‘s more, they besides use the bull to depict the peole who seems really strong and healthy.In the West, people raise the bull in order to acquire the milk and meat, they did non utilize the bull in the agribusiness excessively often.So in the West, the bull is refer to the sap, the people who are ill-mannered ( Nida,1975 ) .For illustration, the bullhead means the stubborn.Irish bull means pathetic manner of stating.

2.2.4. Disscution from the facet of geographics influences

From the twenty-four hours that can be recorded, Equus caballus is served to the human beings.No affair in the twenty-four hours of peace or the clip of war, Equus caballus plays a really of import function in every fields.Horse is an hardworking animal.In the English, there are tonss of parlances about Equus caballus, and the complimentary sense is fundamentally the same.When it does non desire to make something, so even you force him to make something, it still non works.In the E, people has the same manner of stating. Among all the animate beings the Equus caballus may be the most reasonable animal. She seems to understand work forces better than work forces understand them. If you are a careful perceiver, so you can happen out that Equus caballus is ever looking at its maestro. Knowing whatever experiencing her maestro has. Apart from the Equus caballus ‘s sensitiveness it ever works without kicking. This is one of the grounds why Americans like to promote other people to work every bit difficult as a Equus caballus. It reminds us of the stating that we can non coerce other people to make what we wish them to make without their content, of class. Without these looks we can barely happen any agencies to allow others cognize how we feel and what we think ( Christine Ammer,2005 ) .

2.2.5 Disscution from the facet of value constructs

Fly is merely like a atom in people ‘s eyes, they are noisy and dirty.So people use the fly in the ointmeny to show a dalliance irritation that spoils one ‘s enjoyment.In the eyes of peole, they merely handle the fly as some plagues, so a fly on the wall means an unobserved informant to a private state of affairs, etc ( Christine Ammer,2005 ) .

3.TheA influencesA ofA CulturalA factorA onA parlances of animate beings

They reflect the relationship between linguistic communication and civilization. Human existences ‘ common societal activities are in many facets similar, so English and Chinese parlances of animate beings have similarities. Because of the cultural differences, English and Chinese parlances have differences in their elaborate contents.Now the essay will name two chief cultural impacts on the parlances of animate beings ( ?­¦a?-eS±,2003 ) .

3.1 Similarities between English and Chinese parlances

In both the English and Chinese, the parlances of animate beings are descriptive when they are aim to convey the right significances. A western bookman one time said that between two linguistic communications, opportunities are against it that there is a equality of phrases and sentences, merely a few exclusions. Parlances are merely one of those grounds to this are that human existences live on the same environment, confined to the same nonsubjective restrictions.From these facet, it can be concluded that there is a common brotherhood of the sameness of the ideas and emotions in human being of defferent parts in the whole universe.

3.1.1 Originating from day-to-day life

Parlances are the common contemplation of people ‘s day-to-day life and experience, what ‘s more, they are closely related to the pattern of people ‘s day-to-day life and work, uncovering a cosmopolitan truth from inside informations so as to edify people. There are many parlances refined from the common people life. These parlances are created by working people, for case, the husbandmans, workingmans, business communities, huntsmans, Soldiers and so on. They use familiar footings that were connected with their ain life experience.

3.2 Differences between English and Chinese parlances

Language is a medium of the civilization in each state. By and large talking, the differences between English and Chinese parlances are the consequence of different cultural grounds. The Chinese Culture emphasis on the portion of argriculture which has cultivated from coevals to coevals and is what our basic status of life is attached to. Turning up in this land-foucused impression, the Chinese people have long been dedicated to their fatherland, they are able to feed themselves by raise the argriculture, in consequence, they thought of enlargement and invasion of other states is ne’er of their concern.

3.2.1 Reflecting different geographics

Geographic Position. Lots of parlances of animate beings portion the characteristics of its environing environment. State ‘s geographical environment is a form that a linguistic communication and civilization have been developing. The geographical features of the state are reflected in the national linguistic communication in general and parlances in peculiar. The England is an island state which located in the western seaboard of Europe. English people live by seaboard and their life of course connected with the industry of sailing and fishing. So many English parlances of animate beings are related to the animal in the sea.

3.2.2 Reflecting different value constructs

The differences between Chinese and western value constructs chiefly lie in the individuality and collective.The Westerners believe that everyone portion the equal rights. They adore to the freedom and equality. Many English parlances of animate beings show American ‘s advocating of this aspect.Idioms are the kernel of a linguistic communication. They are closely related to a state ‘s civilization and enjoy great cultural values. They reflect the relation between civilization and linguistic communication. Each state has its ain geographics, history, faith and societal attitude. Because of the cultural generalizations and differences ( ??Za?©?­? , a? a?Z??Z,2002 ) , English and Chinese Parlances have their similarities and differences. They are pervading and interfusing each other. So a comparative survey of them can assist us to larn a linguistic communication good and understand the true significance of other ‘s word in cross-culture communicating.

3.2.3 Reflecting different faiths

Religion is a really of import subject of civilization. Different faiths reflect different cultural ideas, different cultural backgrounds and different cultural imposts. Religion is a cultural phenomenon. Sometimes, the parlances of animate beings are closely related to theaspect of civilization, merely like the illustration of white elephant list above.So parlances can reflect the different spiritual background information. English and Chinese people portion different spiritual religion. Different faiths lead to the differences between English and Chinese parlances of animate beings.

4. The value of survey on parlances of Animals in both Chinese civilization and English civilization

The similarities and disfference between English and Chinese parlances lies profoundly in the cultural background.

4.1. The importance of analyzing parlances of Animals

Learning a foreign linguistic communication, particularly the parlances of animate beings is a long manner and we need to pay a batch of attending and attempts, what we should cognize is that we can non and should non larn a foreign linguistic communication in a really short clip, so does the parlances of animalslearning. The acquisition and utilizing idiomatic appropriate is really hard for non-native talkers, particularly when we learn the parlances of animate beings, after we have a clear position of the civilization background information of these parlances, we can hold a better apprehension of this country, and for this ground we need to larn it bit by bit, merely in this manner, we can manage them easy and effiently.

4.2. Consideration of the eassy

This article should be an enlightment to all of us that when welearning English parlances of animate beings, we are supposed to hold on the cultural background in head in order to get better acquisition. What ‘s more, the survey of both English and Chinese parlances shed visible radiations for our perusal of the believing patteren of both linguistic communications, which is of cardinal kernel for our larning intent. Furthermore, the analysis of beginnings doing different idiomatic looks and cultural differences in this article can supply a manner for us to understand parlances right and utilize them in cross-cultural communicating exactly and accurately.

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