Animals Cry for Help: Equality for Animals 

In society we are always looking for equality in; race, religion, gender, so why do we treat our animals so horrible? Why do we provide our animals with such little, treat them so poorly and mass produce them in dreadful conditions and treat them with no respect?

In the book “Food Matters; a Bedford’s Spotlight Reader” Holly Bauer, the article “Equality for Animals” by Peter Singer, he explains how we treat our animals and how wrong it is. Most people see animals as just an object and something they can use to benefit them, eating animals is the oldest and most common way to eat and survive.

Depending on where you live, eating animals may be the only way you can intake nutrients, protein and survive. The people living in industrialized cities (where we live) can survive without eating meat, so why do people choose to kill a living thing when it is not necessary to live and survive? In the long run, eating meat is really not beneficial or good for you or your health.

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The conditions that we keep our animals is not good at all. The warehouses that these animals are raised to be used as produce do not provide the animals with the proper nutrition and living conditions. “When we feed these grains to animals, only about one quarter, and even in some cases, as little as one tenth of the nutritional value remains as meat for human consumption” (Springer 212). The only exception to most animals being raised this way is, if they are used to graze land and unsuitable crops.

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The fact that we act like raising these animals and eating them this way is okay, when it is not. Not to mention that the livestock warehouses and industry contributes more to the global warming and environmental issues more than the transport sector, bus, train, car, plane, boats. The cheaper the warehouse and livestock owners and producers can raise their animals in the shortest amount of time, the better. They can sell their animals for high prices when they put nothing into them and gave them very horrible lives. “The case against using animals for food is at its strongest when animals are made to lead miserable lives so that their flesh can be made available to humans at the lowest cost possible” (Singer 213). Many people see animals as theirs, they can do whatever they want to them. I do not understand how people are okay with treating animals like objects and abusing them for money and livestock. Owners in the livestock industry (marketplace) are always competing with their rivals to see who can give their animals the worst and most miserable life possible, for the cheapest, and still make the most money. “If we do not change our dietary habits, how can we ensue those slaves’ holders who would not change their own ways of living?” (Springer 213). The fact that people know that the animals are being treated like this, and still eat it, is why it is still happening. People by the produce and are still supporting these horrible and inhumane practices. Factory Farm methods are a main source of this issue. The animals are kept in crowded feed lots, mainly cows (beef) are treated this way. The chickens and hens are contained in tiny wire cages and have no room to move whatsoever. Unless the eggs you are buying specifically say “cage free” or “free range” then you are supporting these monstrous companies.

In addition, I found another article talking about the way animals are treated in this horrific industry “Killing Animals for Food: How Science, Religion and Technologies Affect the Public Debate About Religious Slaughter” by Mara Miele. People are still supporting these companies, resulting in a higher demand of livestock. It is different everywhere in the world, India, and places over there have always primarily been known to not eat a lot of meat and practice the use of vegetarianism. “For example, for long renown for the widely spread vegetarianism and the protection of cows as sacred animals, is now largely increasing the consumption of meat, especially chicken meat” (Miele). But the in the last 10 or so years, India has become one of the biggest producers of meat. This is because either people do not care that the animals are being treated poorly, or because they are uneducated.

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