Animal Testing: Good Science

Researchers have come to question whether animal testing is vital to the environment. Animals are used in biomedical research to help identify diseases, develop cures, test for safety, and educate researchers and surgeons. The issue is not just a national problem but is also an international problem. America is ranked top ten of the worst country in the world for animal cruelty for both production and consumption. Animals such as fish, mice, rats, rabbits, and dogs are constantly used for testing and experimentation.

Countless researchers do not realize how expensive and inaccurate animal testing is. There are many alternative methods to animal testing that do not receive funding. It is time to put an end to animal testing in order to live a green and animal cruelty free ecosystem.

When analyzing animal testing, there are many aspects to look at such as history, finance, limitations, and benefits. Since early 258 BC, Greek scientists played a crucial role in animal testing. Animal testing was introduced as an experimental method for testing surgical producers before applying them toward humans according to Dr.

Rachel Hajar of Gulf Heart Association. Animals are living creatures that have the mental capacity to express emotions such as fear, sadness, anger, and joy. Numerous researchers and surgeons have taken advantage of carrying out invasive procedures that no human would ever consent to because animals lack the mental capacity to give consent and animal rights are generalized. These animals are countless tested on for the safety of a new product, side effects for new drugs, and treatments for diseases.

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The results from procedures would often leave psychological scars or led to the death of the animals that were experimented on.

In the United States, 12 billion dollars is annually spent on animal testing according to Kennerly Digges of Princeton University. From the 12 billion dollars, more than 27 million animals are annually bred, used, and placed as hazardous waste each year. Animal tests are known to not have the ability to predict the safety of medicines for human patients. Many animals have different biological makeup than humans have making the data obtained irrelevant. Meanwhile, over repetition of failed tests can deceive researchers into ignoring potential cures and treatments used from animal experimentation.

Animal testing has shown to bestow irreversible damages to the animals that were subjected nevertheless, the medical breakthroughs that animal experimentation has brought cannot be omitted. Withal animal studies is crucial for the betterment of basic knowledge in biomedicine. Animals are solely used during the experiments because it is moral and ethically wrong to use humans as test subjects forbye, it is true that by using animals it will be hard to yield practical results that will be beneficial for human health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1 million Americans die of heart disease, cancer, and car accidents. Animal testing has helped identify treatments for high blood pressure, heart attacks, asthma, and HIV in humans. Also, the tests helped identify treatments for rabies, tetanus, and heartworms in animals. Which continuously saves the lives of millions of animals and humans each year.

Several people that are against animal testing believe that animal testing is solely used for alleviating human suffering and research has proven that to be false. It has saved the lives of many dogs, cows, sheeps, and cats. Research aimed at human illnesses has also held immeasurable benefits towards animals such as being the host for immunization and antibiotics for many animal diseases which has helped wildlife live longer, happier, and healthier lives. An illustration of animal testing benefiting pets is in 1978, there was an outbreak among dogs that caused diaherra, death, and dehydration. After numerous animal testing a researcher discovered that the diesease was canine parvovirus since, a vaccine for feline panleukpenia was previously discovered. It made the development process for the vaccine for parvovirus to be shorted and save the lives of many dogs. Overall, biomedical research for animals has helped enormously by aiding in preserving endangered species and breeds.

Animal testing often does not always produce accurate results. It is unreliable because animals do not contract the same diseases and illnesses that humans have. John Hopkins states that the more trials the less accurate the test result is. One of the world’s leading causes of death is adverse drug reactions which kill and hospitalize more than 1 million people each year. Professor Thomas Hartung of John Hopkins states that animal testing should be replaced with computer biased because it produces a more reliable results. A revolution in biomedicine is that it has produced a new generation of advanced and predictive technology which would be used to create safer medicines that are also cost-effective. Animal testing can be limited by buying cruelty free products and spreading awareness. Alternatives to animal testing are vitro methods, silico methods, human donors, and clones. The best alternative method to animal testing is vitro methods. Similar to the silico method, the vitro method is a study done with cells or tissues taken from either animals or humans. The limitations to in vitro testing are that it focuses only on that specific cell and that it is recently developed. Even though there are many successful known alternatives to animal testing, the main reason why it does not receive recognition is because many scientists have the drive to keep finding more.

Animal testing is playing an defective role in contemporary society. Sometimes research can have unexpected turnouts. There is no doubt that animal testing has brought prosperity though it has left millions of patients with inadequate treatment or at times without treatments at all. Animal experimentation does not benefit humans nor animals abundantly. Animals should have the right to not be induced with such violence and torture because they are a different species. Putting an end to animal testing is one of the major ways that can help change biomedicine, the environment, and the way researchers and surgeons think.

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