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Animal Rights Essay Examples

Essay on Animal Rights

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Ethics and Moral reasoning

Ituriguy, July 5, 2008. The Decision To End One's Own Life Is A Fundamental Human Right. Retrieved March 10, 2014 from www.opposingviews.com Wikipedia, KND. Utilitarianism. Retrieved: March 24, 2014 from www.wikipedia.com C. Andrea and M. Valdez, KND. Assisted Suicide: A Right or A Wrong? Retrieved: March 24, 2014 from www.scu.edu J. Conley, April 2010. Kantian vs. Utilitarian Ethics of Euthanasia...

Brutality of Hunting Animals and Ivory Trade

Ivory is not a necessity; there are other materials that have been created to be similar to ivory that do not require the tusks of an elephant. Nobody in the world needs an elephant tusk but an elephant. If everyone did little things, such as signing a petition to refuse to buy items made from ivory or funding elephant protection, we would still be able to meet our human needs without destroying ...

Wildlife Importance and Preservation

Animals should be treated equally and fairly just like us human beings and wildlife should be preserved and not destroyed by humans, if not very soon many species of wildlife will become extinct. It is our duty as human beings created in the image of God to help out others that are not able to help themselves. In my essay I have informed you about how animals are being killed unnecessarily, for fu...

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Argumentative Essay on Animal Rights

The argument that human rights don’t even apply to all humans, supports the debate that animals do not necessarily deserve human rights. (Spatt 195) Humans that throw feces and hurt other human beings are not given rights, they are locked up and stripped of rights. Animals can arguably fall into this category. Animals can not enter into our dialogue of language to make the commitments that human...

Animal cruelty speech

Three arguments were discussed, the different types of animal cruelty such as animals being forced to violence and animals being slaughtered, animal testing which is used on millions of animals all around the world for human products and lastly why animal cruelty should be abolished and how horrendous it is. I encourage you all to make a decision now, think of the horrible lives the animals live a...

Animal testing should not be banned

- AIDs research relies heavily on animal testing; other testing techniques aren’t optimized yet stem cells (SC) are a relative new way to perform testing. This will decrease the use of animals in the testing process. Furthermore, SC can show a specific organ’s reaction to a substance. The housing of the animals, feeding, carrying, treatments, controlling the environment, is very expensive oFin...

Abuse of animals

If humans are so desperate for companions, We have other humans for that purpose. Hence i conclude that animals are not to be kept caged, if the expansion of human settlement is a necessity then animal sanctuaries are also a necessity. The balance of nature is something which should not be offset by simple ignorant behavior. In conclusion, the use of animals for entertainment or sport should be ba...

Animal Rights and Ethical Theories

So when applying the theories, the deontology theory acts in the greatest benefit of the animal while the utilitarianism theory is in the greatest benefits of humans when it comes to the topic of animal’s rights. Animals would not be hurt but humans would not be saved if the deontology theory were applied. When applying the utilitarianism theory, the fact that animals get hurt or mistreated make...

Animal Testing Satire Essay

Murnaghan, Ian. "Animal Testing on Cosmetics." AboutAnimaltesting. AboutAnimaltesting, 29 Oct. 2014. Web. 5 Nov. 2014. This article is talking about now Cosmetic animal testing in banned in the UK but still prominent in countries like the United States. It says that there is controversy over this kind of animal testing because animals have to suffer and die just so that humans can be aesthetically...

Persuasive speech: animal testing

See? Animal testing is not benefit for humans, and even, it can harm humans! Everyone! This is not just a simple speech that you can just hear and forget. Well, actually you can, but you should not do. You should be ashamed that you, or your consanguinity is in a big misunderstanding and using animals for humans without guilty. You should be ashamed that humans are wasting innocent lives in ineffe...

Animal Rights Thesis

The third reason why animal research should not be allowed is that it's often not necessary. "There are whole countries that don't use healthy animals to train veterinarians or teach surgical techniques," said Liska O'Connor in her book, "Save Them, don't Abuse them". In England they only use sick or injured animals and do a lot of work on animal cadavers. Humans can speak and give their concent, ...

Use and misuse of animals

In the end, one can observe that the enormous increase in the number of humans has led to a new moral status, a moral status created by humans themselves. Both the authors have this new moral status in their minds when they talk about this topic. They both value human life, and probably animal life too but they like many others they prefer to honor humans first, and then animals. The only hope is ...

All Animals Are Equal

Furthermore, I agree that since there are other means of getting the nutrition that we need, people should make an effort to eat less meat. Nonetheless, people will continue to eat meat due to the fact that they ignorant as to what exactly the animals go through before they are killed for us to eat. Personally, I believe that that is how people like it. Then that way they don't have to feel guilty...

Animal Testing Position Paper

Finally, my hope for the use of animals in the classroom is that someday there will be enough technological advances for computer programs that will enable them to simulate a real animal. This actually goes for all animal testing, if we could simulate an animal or human on a computer we would not have to subject anyone to testing. Animals do have the right not to treated inhumanely whether it be i...

Shark Finning and Animal Rights

As the president of the World Wildlife Federation recently stated "In a world where growing human populations are facing declining fish stocks, throwing away 95% of a valuable source of protein for the sake of an unnecessary luxury is not, or should not be, an option." Because sharks are the top apex predator of our planet's oceans, it is extremely important that Shark finning should be banned....

Animal abuse

American Humane Association para 2,3. (2013). Retrieved from American Humane Association: http://www.americanhumane.org/interaction/support-the-bond/fact-sheets/animal-abuse-domestic-violence.html Andrea, L. (1999, Feburay). We Speak For Them para5. Retrieved from http://animalabuseitneedstostop.weebly.com/index.html ethics. 2014. In Noah Webster's 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language....

Animal Testing Research Paper

Although there are some positives, the amount of money, time, and animal cruelty is not worth it, considering the results are not always accurate. The amounts of stress they are put through in these labs are enough to kill them without the drugs. The suffering and pain of these innocent animals are not worth making sure our mascara doesn’t make our eyes puffy, or how high of a dosage is safe wi...

Alternatives Of Animal Testing

In silico testing can also make the translation of the collected data safer and more efficient. Experiments that undergo in silico testing can produce results faster as compared to other means which could take a lot of months or even years just for the results to be available (Arora et al., 2011). Eventually, in silico testing is a feasible alternative to animal testing because it considers the an...

Speech on Factory Farming and Animal Rights

In conclusion I think that factory farming should be made illegal and stop its cruelty towards the animals and the community. I think that its fine having animals free ranged farmed because they have lived a good and harm free life and not in small wire cages. They get killed at their right age instead of being a chick just been over feed. Free ranged animals are treated better. I think that facto...

Interest Groups: PETA

heatstroke experiment. The PETA Files. Retrieved March 20, 2009, from http://blog. peta. org/archives/2009/03/victory_usda_ci. php. theKCRAchannel. com. (2009, March 18). PETA volunteer strips down on K Street. MSNBC. Retrieved March 20, 2009, from http://www. msnbc. msn. com/id/29744308/. Newsday Inc. (2009, March 18). PETA’s Protest: Leave kids out of the media circus. Newsday. com. Retrieved ...

Puppy Mill Solution

If municipalities can prove a correlation between a prohibition on the retail sales of dogs and increased adoption, decreased euthanization, and a reduction in the prevalence of stray dogs, it will strengthen the argument that this type of regulation is a legitimate exercise of police power through a reasonable and necessary means, and challenges to the validity of such ordinances will be a toughe...

The Animal Rights Movement

Some of the tools the movement used were the product of coalitions instead of single organizations. For example, “led by one-time Maritime Union reformer and left journalist Henry Spira, 400 groups in the Coalition to Stop the Draize Rabbit Blinding Test got cosmetics companies like Avon and Revlon to develop alternatives to the infamous Draize Eye Irritancy Test” (sanoma.edu). Spira also orga...

Should Animals Be Used for Scientific Experimentation?

Arguments that are pro-animal testing state that there is no comprehensive substitute for animal experimentation because we cannot completely duplicate an entire living system in order to administer tests. Many drugs have significant dangers, but scientific experimentation on animals allows scientist to gauge the safety of certain drugs before allowing human trials. This saves human lives and othe...

Animal Testing Should Be Banned

The practice of animal testing should be banned, considering that it is harmful from the ethical, environmental as well as the economical point of view. Making use of alternatives that are available for animal experimentation is therefore, a better choice. It is only by means of a responsible and compassionate behavior towards animals that we can be called true 'human' beings. Progress in medicine...

Arguments for and Against Keeping Animals in Zoos

* Sanctuaries also rehabilitate wildlife and take in unwanted exotic pets, without breeding, buying and selling animals like zoos do. * Animals sometimes escape their enclosures, endangering themselves as well as people. There have even been incidents of zoo animals eating other zoo animals. In the case of zoos, both sides will argue that their side saves animals. Zoo proponents do not believe in ...

Act Utilitarianism

Then john goes out and kills max. This situation would be too hard for the hedonic calculus to calculate as both men families felt pain and both men felt pleasure. Overall I believe that the weaknesses out way the strengths of Act Utilitarianism as there are many situations that it would not be able to give an answer. Even thought Act Utilitarianism considers the consequences there are just too ma...

A Change of heart About Animals

It’s obvious that more action needs to be taken towards achieving our goal at animal rights. With the help of animal activists and some major universities, we can achieve animal rights. It isn’t fare to them. That’s why it’s up to us to give our fellow creatures the rights and protection that they deserve. Just think, would you like to be caged all day with no say on what to eat, and live ...

Research Paper Animal Experimentation

Balls, M. Statement on the Application of the Epiderm™ Human Skin Model for Skin Corrosivity Testing. New York, NY: Metropolitan. Cohen, C. (2001). The Animal Rights Debate. Lanham, MD: Rowman. Coghlan, A, (1996). Pioneers Cut Out Animal Testing. New Scientist, 9, 31-33. Deborah, L. (2009). Novel Multicellular Organotypic Models of Normal and Malignant Breast: Tools for Dissecting the Role of Mi...

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Because of this, PETA is unbiased and their claims are not totally correct and could be misleading. In addition to this, KFC has also ensured consumers that their chickens are bought from the same suppliers that provide raw meat to supermarkets and restaurants. Although in the real world they have no responsibility over the animal cruelty and abuse in those slaughterhouses, they did require suppli...

Is Animal Testing Really Necessary

Scientists are attempting to develop worthy alternatives to testing on animals, but some things are not quite as easy to come up with an alternative. Both sides of the argument have very good points, however, despite the fact that it can be seen as cruel and inhumane to the animals (from a person’s perspective), animal testing is, at this point in time, a necessity. There are many drugs and medi...

Puppy Mills vs Animal Rights

He raided a puppy mill in Buxton, MF, and seized more than 200 dogs. Baker released his findings to the papers. This increased the consumer’s awareness of the dangers of puppy mills. The PETA organization is a big advocate of getting information out about these mills. Many people have gone undercover with video cameras to witness and record these horrible acts. Celebrities are showing their supp...

Law reform regarding Animal Welfare

* http://www.federationpress.com.au/bookstore/book.asp?isbn=9781862877191 * http://www.animallaw.info/nonus/articles/ovaustrailia.htm * http://lsa.net.au/wcb-content/uploads/lsa/files/2011/Animal%20Law%20-%20a%20need%20for%20reform%20(LSA%20State%20Conference%20March%202011).pdf * http://www.alrc.gov.au/news-media/2008/will-‘animal-rights’-become-next-great-social-justice-movement * http://www...

Final Project: Comprehensive Argument Analysis

This argument uses inductive logic. |10| Does the author use moral reasoning? If not, explain how you determined this. | The author uses moral reasoning in the Research budget paragraphs. The author mentions how large sums of money go in animal experimentation. The author believes it’s wrong because other medical research can lead to medical improvements but don’t because not enough money is...

Cruelty in animal testing

This is no longer the case. As cell culture technology has evolved, it is now possible to maintain in vitro systems for sufficiently longer periods of time—weeks or months. It is not necessary to maintain such cultures for years, as is done with some typical chronic animal tests. Long-term cell and tissue culture techniques can now allow in vitro studies of the effects of chronic, repeated expos...

Animal Testing is Wrong

What I have to wonder is why do we test on animals, or feel the need to have people volunteer for something potential dangerous with its unknown side effects when we have child molesters, rapists, and murderers in prison who are catered to three meals a day? I believe we should enact instead of animal testing, (which has been proven to be highly ineffective) testing on convicted criminals on death...

Animal Testing for Medical Purposes

Would you be able to withstand it alone without any medicine? (Transition: You now know that…) III. Conclusion A. Summary: Animal testing is something that can help us greatly. People automatically assume that it is bad, but when it is used in the right situation, it can be really helpful. In the medical field, it has helped many issues such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, Heart disease, diabetes, birth de...

Animal Testing

It might have been plausible to test penicillin directly in humans, but it would have been extremely risky. A substance known to be toxic to bacteria might well be toxic to humans, and it might have been difficult to determine whether it was successful. The real triumph of this research was the use of an in vitro model in the purification of the antibiotic. A Petri dish of bacteria is not very obv...

Animals Should Not Be Used for Medical Testing

The most common alternatives that are used today are: in-vitro tests, computer software, and even human “clinical tests. ” Human have to understand that this planet is not only ours, but the animals as well. Albert Einstein once said, “Our task must be free ourselves…By widening our circle of comparison to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. ” (CAAT) The m...

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