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"Animal Farm" Book Analysis

Leave it to Boxer to solve a problem because he works harder and harder every chance he gets, his go-to motto is ‘I will work harder’ seems to be his answers to all his troubles (Orwell 29). Boxer the horse represents the working class the true believers who have blind faith in his leadership, this horse does what he is told and doesn’t look back, being one of the most loyal characters in the novel. Although he is never rewarded for his hard work and kindness, other animals follow him because of his strenuous work ethic.

Also, Boxer is a symbol for all of the Russian working class and the pigs could never have come to authority without support even though at the end they took advantage of him for his kind-heartedness.

Moreover, Boxer is the strongest animal on the farm, but he is not very clever, he has ‘an enormous beast, nearly eighteen hands high, and he was not of first-rate intelligence, but he was universally respected for his steadiness of character and tremendous powers of work’ (Orwell 5).

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He’s a firm worker and a brave fighter, and the narrator tells us that, during the Battle of the Cowshed, the most terrifying spectacle of all was Boxer, who reared up on his rearmost legs, striking out with his great iron hoofs and was compared to a stallion. Towards the end Boxer has worked so hard for the Rebellion that he’s worked himself to death and is rapidly becoming weaker and weaker by the day.

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He’s so fragile from starvation and he is still trying to rebuild the windmill that is making even more useless causing him to die slowly. Napoleon sent him off to be slaughtered, and he’s too weak to fight back although he tries his weakness overpowers his will to live. Old Mayor spoke about Boxer in his speech in which he talked about animal exploitation and abused by the pigs for their own benefit. However, Boxer’s biggest fault is that he is not the brightest making it easier for him to be exploited, Boxer can’t see how the pigs are manipulating him and either way he is loyal to Napoleon, ‘Napoleon is always right’ he thought (Orwell 56). Even though Boxer was sold by Napoleon for his meat once he was sick and could no longer work, he served him no use, after all his loyalty.

Although, Boxer was in the communist party with Napoleon and even with all he did for him: Boxer never talked back when given orders, and always did what Napoleon asked for the good of the farm, believing everything he said without question complying to all of Napoleons needs and even when he started doubting him, Boxer stuck by him. We can see that Napoleon doesn’t care about Boxer at all, he didn’t even send him to the vet because he didn’t want to spend any money instead he wanted to gain money from his death. He wanted to benefit from everything which is what he did with the expense of Boxer. Furthermore, when killing the stable boy Boxer said sorrowfully ‘He is dead,’. ‘I had no intention of doing that. I forgot that I was wearing iron shoes. Who will believe that I did not do this on purpose?’ (Orwell 43) It was accidental: Boxer didn’t mean to kill the stable-boy, he carried the guilt with him. Boxer not being the smartest made a mistake he never wished to harm anyone human or not. Orwell’s message of the novel is an allegory for the events of the Russian Revolution and concerns the corruption that results from power. While the animals in the story originally create an equal society, the pigs in charge and Napoleon use their power to oppress the other animals, especially through propaganda and fear. Orwell’s story is meant as a parallel to the rise of the Soviet Union. The hierarchy divides the animals thus, they are no longer all equal.

The novel also shows the ways a government can manipulate and brainwash its citizens through the use of propaganda. Since Napoleon and Squealer constantly change the seven commandments in order to suit their increasing power. Napoleon and Squealer not only change the commandments (acting as if they had never changed them) they also change history to suit their narrative. Snowball had been the hero of the Battle of the Cowshed, but in order to praise Napoleon and criticize Snowball, Squealer gradually changes the story, eventually making Napoleon the hero of the battle and that Snowball part in the fight had been exaggerated. Also, using propaganda and fear, the novel shows how even a revolution with intentions of total equality can devolve into an oppressive state. The further message is about the movement and the power of corruption. As Napoleon’s regime gained power and privilege, corruption increased as well. The Revolution and corruption in Animal Farm develops out of hope for a better future. At the time of the revolution, even the pigs are excited about and committed to the idea of universal and animal equality. Moreover, Napoleon didn’t plan on becoming a dictator before the revolution but as his power grew, he became corrupt and took more power until he became absolute, Animal Farm shows how the high ideas that your revolutions are gradually given away to individual and classify self-interest. The novel shows how differences in education occupation lead to the development of class, which leads to one class to dominate the other.

The working class is taught that their work is their contribution to society their way of freedom. Additionally, language shows the minority and power uses vague language, propaganda, and misinformation to control the thoughts and believes of the majority in the lower classes, the pig rinse the farm entire history in order to mislead the other animals into believing exactly what they say. Totalitarianism is shown when the pigs make lousy deals with farmers that benefit them alone. Meanwhile, Orwell supported the ideas of socialism, he strongly opposed the Soviet Union’s descent into totalitarianism under Stalin. The book attacks the Soviet union by mirroring many events from the Soviet history in the novel event of animal farm that mirror historical events in the Soviet Union, such as the revolution and the subsequent corruption of its ideals. Shortly after the animals take control of the farm, a separation between classes takes place. The pigs consider themselves ‘mindworkers’ while the other animals are laborers. While the rest of the animals do the labor, the pigs do not have to do as much physical work, they try to stay in control. Furthermore, Napoleon takes over as leader and the pigs are able to manipulate the rest of the animals on the farm. Eventually, the pigs exploit and, in the end, backstab Boxer the horse.

Animal farm the pigs will almost always succeed, and the upper class will control society. Orwell wanted to show that class stratification can pose a threat to democracy and freedom. In addition, Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin and Snowball represents Leon Trotsky. The struggle between Stalin and Trotsky during the rise of Stalin is seen in the rivalry between Napoleon and Snowball. In both the book and history, the more political power and spiteful Stalin (Napoleon) banishes the more idealistic Trotsky (Snowball) from society. This is done in order for Napoleon to attain more power and stay in control. Another example of corruption is when Napoleon decides to kill anyone who is against him or he does not trust and the animals on the farms didn’t have a choice. If Napoleon didn’t like them they were essentially dead.

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