Animal Cruelty can Affect a Child’s Mental Health

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Some people say that that animal cruelty affects children mental health. Studies show that most children who are witnessing animal abuse grow up and do the same thing to their animals. Animals are social support to children that have defects or have a disorder. Did you know that domestic violence and animal cruelty situations are related. However some children are not affected and are able to handle these types of situations. (Zazie,2016)

Childhood submission to animal abuse could have a similar lifelong outcome to domestic violence.

Children who were exposed to animal abuse are more prone to hurt from depression and anxiety later on in life. It cancels out more health benefits associated from being a pet owner. Children who have witnessed human aggression towards their household pet may lack the health stability from a pet. 300 undergraduates were surveyed on how close they were to their pet as a child and observed their animal being abused, they’re more prone to have anxiety and depression in their adult life.

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People were asked about how severe their anxiety and depression is in there adult life. It was very severe in some cases more than others. (Baulkmen,2015)

Children experiences to animal maltreatment in the house which is caused by intimate partner violence. Due to intimate partner violence (IPV) a lot of kids are at risk of seeing animal abuse. Animal cruelty is also related to domestic violence and in these situations, children are exposed to animal abuse. When children see what is going on in their house or understands what goes on and the children’s mental state is disrupted.

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Studies show that children who are in houses that have IPV are more prone to see multiple different types of abuse in the household then families without IPV. It’s imperative of the children to stay out of the situation so that they don’t get hit or cut. Kids that have autism are more likely not able to handle the situation very well they would probably start screaming and crying. Children who have an unbreakable attachment to their animal is more likely to have verbal or physical interaction with the abuser. Then the children get hurt even worse if they intervene with the abuser.

Children who have seen animal cruelty have or are suffering from mental issues now in their adult life and they have therapist. The children that intervene with abuse to their parents or animal they get hurt physically or even mentally most of the time. The kids that live in homes were IPV is in the house they are usually threatened and torn down. Kids that are in the house of IPV were interview about if they’ve been threatened or their animal has been threatened. They went at the speed of the children who have been interviewed. People who were interviewing the children seen the children were getting very emotional and then they asked them if they wanted to take a break. The children that have seen their animal abuse they have witnessed behaviors they did not want to, and they started screaming. When the kids start screaming when the animal was getting abuse, they got hurt as bad as the animal or worse. every time in IPV homes if the mothers left and came back their animals were dead by time they came home. When this happens, the children were devastated and start balling their eyes out. Also, during the interview most of the kids were asked what are some of things that your dad or mom says while hurting your animal or threatens to harm your animal. A bunch of kids said that their mom or dad was whipping their animals with their belts. Also one kids said that their cat got thrown into the cabinet. (mcdonald, 2015)

If you abuse animals your making children suffer from the love they have for their pets. Studies show that if we hurt animals we can being putting are children at risk of mental behavior like learning ability or depression. Research show the recent studies show the connection between animal cruelty and a child’s mental state/ abuse. Theirs a piece of information that has came back to the attention of people is the domino effect. When a pet is abused or hurt ghe parent unknowingly starts to come into physical contact with the animal and doesn’t realize that the child is watching. Which then make the child think that it is ok to hit animals or worse lead them down a slippery slope. That then will hurt their mental health starts with the phobia of undesirable emotions or loss of feeling. Which also means that children can observe animal cruelty which don’t change. Then they also become custom to animal cruelty. Because of the phobia of undesirable emotions don’t have the ability to have empathy. It is a very important emotion for somebody to empathy if they don’t have it they are unable to be sympathetic. Which empathy is how people, communities are formed. If we lack empathy were lead to lack of qualities. If we were ok with people abusing animals then were can we go for a solution. We must be able to have reliable source to the solutions for animal abuse to it’s inhumaneness to children’s mental health.( mail &guardian africa’s best read, 2010)

Animal and child abuse are connected more than people think. When you abuse a household pet the child thinks its ok to abuse the pet also. If the children are acting up in school it may be from witnessing abuse or from being abused. Adults abusing animals is from their childhood seeing frequent abuse and other things happening in their house. Pets and family are usually the targets when it comes to domestic violence situations. Must people stay in the bad abusive situations just for their pets and children’s safety. Most people have just learned to deal with the abusive situations that they’re in because they are not trying to get the other person hurt or themselves or pet children. (SPCA, 2012)

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Animal Cruelty can Affect a Child’s Mental Health

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