Animal Cruelty Essay

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Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty is the crime of inflicting physical pain, suffering or death on an animal. Society has become a dreadful place for animals where humans can no longer be trusted because of their incongruous behaviour. The animals of the world exist for their own reasons; they were not made for humans to abuse and experiment, however, society has become decayed and inhumane. In the poem ‘Foxes among the lamb’ Ernest G. Moll demonstrates how the farmer poisons the foxes and leaves them to suffer and eventually die.

When individuals glance at an animal they judge them as aggressive creatures. The visual poster portrays how animals are innocent and vulnerable creatures to society. ‘The Panther’ by Rainer Maria Rilke displays how animals should not be locked up in cages. Animal cruelty, the abominable way humans treat animals, reflects our decaying society, one that seems to be losing its humanity due to the sadistic nature of humans who lack empathy for others. The poem ‘Foxes Among the lamb’ portrays how foxes eat the lamb and how the farmer acts in an inappropriate abhorrent way.

This behaviour is illustrated through the metaphor ‘gift’ which demonstrates the poison that the farmer gives to the foxes to die in a beastly bloodcurdling death. Furthermore the personification ‘Half-frightened eagerness of hate’ presents how the farmer is anxious and determined to kill the foxes and how eager the farmer is to manipulate the foxes. The composer’s use of alliteration “this time then… ” this proves how the farmer had to pause and pay attention to make sure that the fox had died. Therefore, humans can no longer be trustworthy among animals because of their antagonistic behaviour which imitates our society.

Recognising animal rights will result in an individual having deep respect for animals. The visual poster indicates the innocence of animal and why humans should look after them as well as treat them in a respectful way. The background of the poster represents the manifestation of the dog delighted to be free and not stuck in a cage. It also reveals the dog in a park where he could run around and not locked up. The first thing an observer sees on the poster is the salience of the dog that looks harmless, healthy and blithe.

When the audience beholds this, their first impression would be to save these helpless animals. The only thing that animals have done to humans is becoming man’s best friend. Finally, close up shot of the dog has been used to show the guiltlessness and exploitation of animals. This effect makes the audience focus their attention on the animal’s expression, to show the significance of animals and the way society has become an appalling place for them. Hence, humans have to earn the respect and treat animal just like the way they would like to be treated because animals too have a soul and emotions.

Animal cruelty is locking animals in cages and keeping them as captives to satisfy and amaze people that are sadistic. The poem ‘The Panther’ conveys how a panther is locked up in a cage in the zoo to astonish people and how the panther feels about having no freedom. The use of imagery in the first stanza “his weary glance from passing by the bars,” portrays how the panther is tired of looking outside and exhausted of waiting for his liberty. Moreover, hyperbole is revealed in “only to sink and die within his heart. ” This emphasis the sadness and reaction of the panther’s being lonely.

In stanza two the simile “The iron bands is like a dance,” this emphasis how the panther is aware of everything around him but he just really wants to get out of the cage and be free. Thus, humans should not steal the freedom of animals because they too have the right to live their own life. In conclusion, humans have become violently atrocious and antipathetic that they no longer can be reliable in the animal world. This is evident in the text ‘Foxes among the Lamb,’ ‘The panther’ and the visual poster. Continuing to abuse animals and trying to manipulate them will only lead to a decayed society because of our irresponsible actions.

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