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Types of Animal Behaviour

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Essay, Pages 4 (795 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (795 words)

The genotype, physiological state, previous experiences and its external environment influence the animal’s behaviour. Types of Behaviour 1. Normal Normal behaviour for a dog is for it to be happy to socialise with new dogs and humans. The dog should not growl or snarl at humans as they should be seen as part of the dog pack. A well-behaved dog should always allow humans to take food or toys away without any protest. It should watch and learn how to fit into a new environment.

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And it should have been trained to respond to some of the basic commands for example sit, stay, fetch.

2. Hyperactive This usually occurs in young dogs generally from the age of 9 months to 18 months. When they are this age they find it very difficult to sit still and do as it is told. It is constantly trying to find something to do. However it may not just is in the young dogs it may also be due to the fact that the animal has had little discipline and is constantly looking for attention.

If they have more than one person trying to train it the dog will often become confused and will not know where it stands and how it should be behaving. This then means that it is constantly looking for attention and often the best way to do this is to be noisy.

3. Hypersexed This is a very unsociable behaviour. It often occurs in young dogs and they try to mate with inappropriate objects (chair legs, bedding, toys).

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 There is another form of hypersexed behaviour this often is when the dog is being territorial. This includes urinating on different objects to show that it is their space.You wrote the play for television not for the stage, did this effect your decision to set the play in the Forest of Dean?

Yes it did effect my decision very much in many ways. Firstly it would be very difficult for me to make a forest on stage as it would take too long and it would not be as precise as I would have like it to be. Secondly I know the Forest of Dean very well and all its places, hideouts etc. So it would be very easy for me to choose which scene is in which part of the forest. Also the forest is a natural place so it would be miles better then cramping it all into one small stage and the audience sitting down not feeling the real experience. Finally the children would have more freedom to run about in, wherever they liked and they would also be able make their own mistakes in the natural forest instead of having to make mistakes for them on stage, which would be very hard.

Interviewer: 2/ Why did you set the play there and use that dialect? Mr Potter: I decided to set the play in the Forest of Dean because that was were I was brought up so I knew the place well and decided to set it from my memory and experience. Also during that time it was World War II and during then most people were evacuated to the countryside. It would also give the children more space to play around and discover new things and they would be able find fun things to do e.g. the children have fun chasing the squirrel.

I decided to use the language that I used because it would make the viewer more interested in the play as the people watching would be more interested to see modern day language rather than language that they’ve never heard before and don’t really understand as well as that it makes the play seem more realistic “Wos want for’n, Raymond old pal?” because if everything in the play looked all real and then the language wasn’t the normal language they would use it would ruin the play.

Interviewer: 3/ You decided to use adult actors playing the children, why was that? Mr Potter: Well for me to use real children in the play would be a very difficult task as it would be a hassle to keep them under control and it would take far longer to get the scenes done with children rather than with adults. Also if I was to use children I think that they would be very shy when it comes to acting on the camera and would act differently then they would behave in real life, So its a lot easier. Finally It would keep the viewer more fascinated in watching adults play the role of children and to see adults playing the part of bullying and fighting so it keeps the viewer in there seats because they aren’t used to seeing adults behave in such a childish manner and bully as a child would do.

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