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When she is not working as the UN Goodwill Ambassador, she’ll be acting or directing another film, or looking after her six cute kids. Today I will be speaking about the fantastic Angelina Jolie, my inspiration in many elements of life and a genuinely amazing woman. I will cover three primary locations with concerns to her life and accomplishments. My first point will be about her profession and family.

Second, I will be discussing her involvement in different around the world humanitarian activities.

Finally, I will also discuss her support for medical health. ( Insert Connective: First, I will offer a quick intro to the life of Angelina Jolie Identify type: Shifts).


Angelina Jolie Voight was born upon June 4th, 1975. She began acting at a young age and soon became a really successful actress. You may have seen her act in movies such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Maleficent.

She is also an accomplished movie director and has won various awards in the film market, including Academy Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards and Golden World Awards.

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(Hollywood Life, Angelina Jolie). In her personal life, she is wed to fellow actor Brad Pitt.

They have 6 children, of whom three are embraced, and 3 are their own biological children. Angelina Jolie is a strong fan for adoption of children from all over the world, and her assistance can be seen in her actions. Of her children were adopted from Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam.

The adoption of her very first kid from Cambodia bridged the change of her image from common starlet to humanitarian employee, which she even more developed in the following years.

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(Insert Connective: Now that I have spoken about Angelina Jolie’s career as an actress as well as her participation in overseas adoption, I will now speak about her humanitarian work. identify type: Signposting)

In an interview, Angelina Jolie mentioned that she was first exposed to what other people around the world faced in 2001, when filming in Cambodia. (UNHCR, Fact Sheet) d. After seeing the suffering in Cambodia, Angelina Jolie contacted the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and offered her help. This truly kick-started her humanitarian efforts in the world, as she was then named a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, with the aim to focus on refugees and displaced people during conflict. iii.She has since visited over 30 countries during her time as a ambassador. iv. She has been brave in the locations she has visited.

For example she visited Sudan during the internal conflict, Chad during the civil war as well as Iraq and Libya during the Libyan revolution.
Angelina Jolie has also set up and financed many charity organisations, such as the Maddox-Jolie-Pitt Foundation, dedicated to community development and environmental conservation in Cambodia. (MJPAsia) All of this intensive humanitarian work has earned her the status as youngest recipient of the Jean Hersholt Award for humanitarian activities in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts. (The Star, Humanitarian Work) (Insert Connective: My third and final point will cover Angelina Jolie’s support for physical and mental health in women identify type: Sign posting)

In a New York Times article titled “My Medical Choice”, Angelina Jolie made headlines across the world when she announced that she underwent a double mastectomy so she could prevent chances of breast cancer. (Nytimes, My Medical Choice) f. This courageous choice was made due to the fact that she carried a gene which increased the risk of both Ovarian and Breast cancer. (Breast Cancer Screening, The Guardian)

This choice raised a new awareness of people suffering from breast cancer, as well as the various options women faced with the disease. h. She also revealed that she had battled anorexia and self harm earlier in her life, and has openly supported various charities with regards to mental health and depression in youth and adults.


Angelina Jolie has accomplished so much in her life, and has become a role model not only for her own children but also for so many of us in the world. a. She has used her celebrity status to do humanitarian work and inspire many people.

I will conclude my speech with a quote by Angelina Jolie, which I find inspirational and relevant to our lives. “No matter what you have gone through in your youth, it is about who you choose to be in life. You can define your own destiny. You can be stronger than a very difficult past and overcome it.” (SMH, Angelina Jolie Interview)

Thank you very much, and I hope you have also come to appreciate Angelina Jolie as an amazing and inspirational person.

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