Angela's Fifth Principle of Effective Communication

Is to Avoid Being Fickle-Minded. But first what is Fickle-Minded? It is a person who is prone to casual change or a person who is inconstant. People must avoid being fickle-minded to obtain effective communication. Why so? By the reason of, confusing the receiver of the message and the said message won’t be clear. The message may also be misunderstood or misinterpreted due to confusion. Additionally, dealing with fickle-minded may affect the schedule, ruin the said plans and receive a bad response from the people involved.

For example, here is a personal experience of Angela, dealing with a fickle-minded person. During summer vacation at around 11 pm, Angela received a phone call from her uncle, telling that her grandmother just passed away and the family will go to their province which is Bulan, Sorsogon in the morning, her uncle even messaged her that she will be fetched at around 6:00 am.

The message was clear for Angela, She hurriedly packed and fixed her belongings that night.

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Afterward, she received a message around 1 am that the plan is unsure and her uncle will update her. At around 3 am her uncle texted Angela telling that the plan will be pushed through. The sun has risen, Angela was prepared to leave and was already waiting for them when suddenly, her uncle called telling her that the plans were changed. The family will leave the next day at around 2 am to avoid traffic and arrive there early. Angela was so confused and got pissed off. This is why it is important to be fixed and clear about the information the sender will transmit to the receiver.

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Stop being a fickle-minded and be responsible for the said actions. Also, remember that in every action a person will make another person is affected by it. Next in line is, Show Empathy.

According to Psychology Today (2018), Empathy is the experience of understanding another person’s thoughts, feelings, and condition from their point of view, rather than from your own. Empathy is putting your feet into the shoes of another person. In connection to effective communication, a person can understand or connect more what the other person is trying to tell if he or she empathizes to the person he or she is talking to. In view of the fact that all of the people have their different perspectives and point of views in life and have different levels of coping up with things still, respect is a must. To give an example, here is a personal story of Angela Soriano regarding on the NOT EMPATHIZING to the person talking to. There were a lot of issues during Junior High school year. Specifically, during grade 9 days. The issues were caused by people whom Angela thought to be her real friends. Those issues caused Angela to breakdown, her grades were affected, and she doesn’t like to go to school.

On the positive side, because of these issues Angela learned how to be strong and how to stand on her own feet. She learned how to be independent. It was a great Sunday morning; the gospel by the pastor is all about forgiveness. Later that day, Angela messaged those fake friends of her and said sorry for all the things that she’d done from the past and that she’s forgiving them. One of her fake friends who is full of pride, replied “busy ka kasi laslasin sarili mo, kaya ka naming sinukuan at iniwan”. How rude it is to say that to a person, where in fact that rude person doesn’t have any idea how tough and difficult it was to deal with all those problems. How sad because that rude person, did not put herself into the situation of Angela. It is okay to explain the side of the other

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