Android Apps for Muslim Students Essay

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Android Apps for Muslim Students

As promised, here’s the Android edition of Apps for the Muslim Student. Again, I’ve only selected apps that are free (college students I gotchu) but if you have a personal recommendation, be sure to post it in the comments section.

1) SimpleSalat by SimpleSalat

Like the iOS App Store, Google Play (Market) has a ton of Islamic Salaah notification apps. I really loved SimpleSalat for it’s simple and minimalistic interface, all the essential tools such as a Qibla finder, and optional widgets for salaah times at a glance.

2) Athan by Islamic Finder

For those of you who need a bit more out of their Islamic Prayer app, Athan by Islamic Finder contains all the usual goodies found in other apps with the addition of a prayer book, so you can keep track of missed prayers.

3) Quran Android by Quran

Quran Android by Quran Android contains not only the full Quran but audio playback, ayah bookmarking, Tafsir, and translations in a handful of languages all wrapped up in a very slick looking app.

4) 13 Line Quran by Mulham

For those of us (mostly desis) who are used to reading Quran on the 13 Lined version Urdu/Persian Script, this app is a godsend. It has scrollable page scans along with searchable indexes and bookmarks.

5) MP3 Quran by Quran Audio Library

I’m a big fan of MP3 Quran’s web and app interfaces, and their Android version is no exception. MP3 Quran hosts a variety of different Quran recitors, and streams high quality Quran audio straight to your phone.

6) Zabihah for Android by Halalfire’s Android app is a great utility for finding local halal restaurants, markets, and masjids nearby.

7) Islamic Apps by CreativeOne

Just in case you’re on the lookout for more Islamic apps, Islamic Apps by CreativeOne has a wide range of categories such as Wallpaper, Quran, Prayer, Calendar, 99 Names of Allah, and more to make finding them a bit easier.

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