Andrew Jackson Hero of the War of 1812 Essay

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Andrew Jackson Hero of the War of 1812

“One man with courage makes a majority.”-Andrew Jackson, these words truly capture the spirit of man behind the American victory at The Battle of New Orleans. The greatest patriot of his time Andrew Jackson served his country honorably. He dedicated his life to serving Americans as a drummer boy, a general and later president. Leading by example Jackson recruited, trained and commanded his army with courage and pride as reflected in the battle. Most expected the militiamen to flee at any sign of British attack, but Jackson’s men took everyone by surprise by taking the offensive and striking first. The attacks lead by Jackson and his army excited and inspired Americans to stay and fight. It is Jackson’s victory at The Battle of New Orleans that would increase national pride and later secure him the presidency.

The Battle at Fort McKinley was the first major stand against the British attacks. Before the battle would begin an order is placed for the largest American flags yet to be made. One flag is raised shortly before bombardment of the fort began form the British naval fleet. On one of the ships stopped just off the shore sat a young man named Francis Scott Key, watching from a between the blasts Key was inspired. He jotted down a few lines for a poem as the bombs burst through the air creating a fantastic display of light and sound. What inspired him most came after the smoke cleared. After more than a day of bombardment the British retreated having realized the Americans would not surrender. At the end of it all American troops replaced the first flag that had been tattered and torn from blasts, with the second flag. Key and many other Americans saw and were over joyed at the sight that the flag was still there.

The War of 1812 appropriately named The Second War of Independence, created the American identity and strengthened the nation. Americans now had leaders to be proud of, shared culture and national pride. The proud patriots of America proved to the world that the nation would survive. It took the pressure of war to once more unite Americans. George Washington once said: “Firearms are people’s liberty’s teeth.” The people of America had earned their liberty after The Revolutionary War and would fight until Britain and the world recognized their freedom and independence.

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