And the Oscar goes to… Essay

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And the Oscar goes to…

A combination of emotion, dedication, brilliant acting and exceptional directing makes ‘A Walk to Remember’ a movie that was very deserving of an Oscar. Set in North Carolina, this is a romantic story of popular, teen Landon Carter and devoted reverend’s daughter Jamie Sullivan. Landon lives a life of popularity and looking down on anyone outside of his circle of friends, including Jamie. But chance and fate bring them together and Jamie teaches Landon that there is a different way to live and love. The storyline is deeply moving and tragic, which is expected from Nicholas Sparks. As with most of Sparks’ novels, the movie takes the viewer on a ride of emotions, most importantly love and loss.

Mandy Moore pulls off a spectacular performance as Jamie Sullivan, an over protected daughter of the town’s reverend. Jamie is quite shy, she’s not the most glamorous or most popular girl in school however Moore brings the character to life by adding depth and layers to Jamie’s personality. Jamie becomes a girl that may not have many friends but is still nice to everyone; she may not be the prettiest or best dressed but she still finds a way to glow. She may try to distance herself from everyone around her but she still manages to have one of the most popular guys in the school fall in love with her.

Mandy Moore creates a character that viewers sympathize with and want to protect. And at the conclusion of the movie, the viewers want to physically mourn for her. Landon Carter, the popular bad boy, is played by Shane West. West’s character grows and changes drastically throughout the film. Landon changes from a boy who is rebelling against everyone and everything into a young man who has come to realize that life is too precious and important to be wasted. Jamie inspires Landon which forces him to do some soul searching and helps him work towards being a better person, even after she passes on.

Jamie’s father tells Landon that he was Jamie’s miracle when in reality, she was his. The film was directed by Adam Shankman who has done an outstanding job. The characters emotions are well presented and the viewers do not fail to feel their emotions. The movie is special because in some places it will break your heart such as when Jamie reveals that she has Leukaemia and when she passes. There are also parts that leave you smiling because you realise that there is always good behind something bad, for example, when Jamie passes, Landon realises that he has changed for the better.

Jamie is a complete role model throughout the entire movie in the way that she has great religious value. She teaches viewers that life is too short, that beauty is more than skin deep. This movie is encouraging for those who are trying to take a stand for their values. It illustrates the action of looking deeper inside of people and finding the good. It looks at showing mercy to those who might not deserve it instead of judgement, forgiveness instead of wrath. A Walk to Remember is certainly a movie that everyone should watch. Don’t expect fast action, plot twists, or flashy over the top scenes. The film is the tale of the innocence of love and the power it can have over people. Landon expresses this better than anyone when he turns a blind eye to his friends and spends all of his time fulfilling Jamie’s list, before she is taken from him forever.

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