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Ancient Greeks: the Achaeans and the Trojans Essay

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Since the years of the ancient Greeks such as the Achaeans and the Trojans, there have been many changes, developments, and inventions. It is clear that we as a nation have transformed into a more modern world through our rapidly progressing technology, but have we really changed through our behaviors? The ancient Greeks were big on two things: power, and respect. I believe the Greeks set an example for today’s world, and that we as a country use the same motives that the ancient Greeks had during their time to solve problem and handle situations as a nation.

The Trojans and Achaeans both had the same goal in mind, which was to have power over the other side. As a result, they decided to battle against one another. Each side had a powerful Greek hero that they hoped would bring them to victory, the Trojans depended on Hector, and for the Achaeans, Achilles. Some may consider the ancient Greeks immature or barbaric for involving in such behavior, but is this not the same way we solve problems in today’s world? For example, when our country was under terrorist attack September, 11th, 2001, we felt insecure and frightened.

This was another Countries way of showing us that they had the power to do whatever they want to our country whenever they wanted, and America being known as one of the most powerful countries in the world had to take action. Just as the ancient Greeks did, we resulted in war to prove that we are a powerful and free country and no one has the right to invade our privacy. This method proves that although quite a few decades have passed since the times and the ways of the ancient Greeks, some qualities we still share.

Along with power both the Trojans and the Achaeans wanted respect, but had different ways of both showing and earning it. One of the main questions one might ask themselves throughout these books is “Who’s the better man” between Hector and Achilles, and who is considered the hero? Hector stayed in the war, where Achilles ran and hide from the war because of his pride, Hector killed Achilles best friend “Patroclus” and wore his armor, but later hid from Achilles, and Hector was shot down on the scale compared to Achilles who was high on the scale. At the end, the two heroes run into each other and begin to fight.

Hector takes a spare to the throat thrown by Achilles. As Hector falls to his death, his dying wish is to be buried respectfully by the Trojans. The Achaeans brutally stab Hectors body, and to claim his victory Achilles ties hectors body to the back of a chariot and drags his body through the dirt. Although Hector fell to his death, he was still considered a hero. Today, we as a nation still consider fallen warriors heroes, and they easily earn our respect. For example, we have troops that have lost their lives in the “war over terror”, and every day we honor and respect them as fallen heroes.

In conclusion, although we have developed as a nation, the ways of our country rarely differ from the ways of the ancient Greek. Although the years of the ancient Greeks took place a long time ago, they set an example of how to take action for the more modern world. From the war over power, to the respect of the fallen hero just as the ancient Greeks did, we still do. These example show that just because the world has changed into a more modern and developed nation, all habits are picked up from somewhere and all traditions are passed on from generation to generation no matter what the case may be.

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