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Essay on Ancient Greece

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The Battle of Marathon

The Battle of Marathon, although only a single event, had an unquestionable impact on western civilization. Marathon allowed Athens to raise itself to a position of prestige and importance in the Greek world. The Athenians were given the opportunity to become culturally, politically and economically the centre of the Greek world because of the result of the battle of Marathon. Without the Athenian...

Euthymides' Three Revelers, a Masterpiece of Greek Art

The innovation and creativity found in Euthymides' Three Revelers began to establish the aesthetic, naturalistic focus of Greek art that followed it. Though they were first realized by ancient Greek artists, attention to detail and depiction of figures as they are seen rather than in a universally understood, simplified rendering are indeed two important concepts which can be recognized in any pie...

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The Myth of Hades: Relevance Today

The Hades myths still resonant in today's society universally demonstrate similar characteristics. The underworld concept includes fire, unpleasantness, and hell; each representing a theme of eternal imprisonment. The belief of the Hades myth inspires obedience in the mortal life as well. When the temptations of the rulers of the underworld interfere with one's life, the person must make a cogniti...

History of Greece: The Dark Ages

In conclusion, we learn that Greek art went through many phases, or shall I say time periods, and transformed/adapted to foreign cultures due to economic uprising and in turn created more advanced art through realism and narration of epic Greek history. The geometric period was the start of using other culture symbolism while keeping the style and technique of basic geometric shapes for motif and ...

Orpheus and Eurydice Comparison

The tale of Orpheus and Eurydice has been told many different times, and every version has small details a bit different from the last. These two different versions of the myth show how the overall story of Eurydice dying, and Orpheus trying to retrieve her stay the same, but just about every other detail is slightly different. This goes to show how the myths get spread around, country to country ...

Odysseus and Aeneus: Travels to the Dark Side

The concepts of opposing and complimentary genders, divine mortal and immortal influence, and pagan and Christian-like theologies and belief systems all contribute to the development of the tales The Odyssey and The Aeneid as well as place meaning and focus on the heroes Odysseus and Aeneus and their travels down into the realm of the dead, giving each character definition and shape in the similar...

Heraclitus Vs Parmenides

While both have left a longing impression on the western philosophy and we are still arguing the same debate that they did today, I would have to agree with the argument of Heraclitus on the topic of the status of being. Things are always changing; we live with gravity which in itself causes us to change, without it we would not age nearly as quickly as we do. I find the difference in the argument...

Developing Socratic Wisdom

In conclusion, developing Socratic wisdom starts with recognizing we know nothing about a certain matter, acknowledging that there man is no wiser than God. If we know nothing, we need to ask and investigate, examine, not focusing on proving your point, but disproving the other’s point with a series of questions until no more questions left to be ask. Start with simple questions, and not to move...

Clash of the Titans

The film features art, architecture and wear from a broad swath of culture periods from ancient Greece. However, the majority of pieces appear to be from around the mid to late classical period of ancient Greek art. Since this is the golden age of Greece and the time most highly associated with ancient Greece in popular culture and gives the film the classic romantic feeling of Greece which sets t...

Recreation, Leisure and Play

The human body is like any other system in nature. If we don’t have ways to vent our stress from everyday life through activities that are pleasurable, we will start to experience the negative side effects of stress. Final Thoughts My thoughts on the subject of leisure, recreation, and play before this paper could not be further from where my thoughts are now. I feel that too much emphasis is pl...

Ancient Plays

In order to “blend in” in the underworld, Dionysus dresses as Heracles and consults Heracles for advice and directions before setting off. Once in the underworld, Dionysus is assaulted by the inhabitants seeking revenge for things Heracles had done during one of his journeys to Hades, and Dionysus begs Xanthias to change costumes. No sooner is this done, Persephone (daughter of Demeter and Que...

Cult of Hera

The offerings were cedar white figurines inlaid with gold, represented Herakles fight with Acheloos. Other items important to the ancient Greek, such as, Iphitus bronze disk and a carved ivory chest hidden by cypselos, were believe to have been stored in the temple. In later years the cult housed the famous Hermes of Praxiteles. The cult stood for almost a thousand years, until about 300 A. D....

Battle of Issus

This unusual attention to detail is what enhances the intensity of the piece and gives it an aspect of realism that truly shows the horror and confusion of battle. The viewer cannot help but be drawn into the conflict and become a part of the drama as it unfolds. To me this mosaic is not only a truly great piece of art but also has furthered my understanding of Roman artwork, Macedonian warfare an...

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