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Ancient Egyptian Cosmetics: 'Magical' Makeup May Have Been Medicine for Eye Disease

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (600 words)
Categories: Ancient Egypt, Disease, Egypt, Eye, Medicine
Downloads: 33
Views: 301

Summary: Christian amatore, philippe Walter, and colleagues had found the black-eye make-up that Queen Nerfertiti and other ancient Egyptians royals wore, might have protected them against some eye infections. Ancient Egyptians used these lead-based cosmetics for their eye make –up believing that they are ‘magical’. They think that the wearer of the make-up would earn them protection from ancient gods, against several illnesses. However, modern scientists largely dismissed that possibility, knowing that lead-based can be quite toxic. But it was clear that such intentional production is the first known example of a large chemical process.

Personal reflection: After reading this interesting article about this significant discovery I was in awe. I was Amazed at the wonderful discovery of the ancient Egyptians’ alluring eye make-up. I was wondered by the fact that ancient Egypt has actually such advanced chemistry. I was enthralled by the complicated minds of ancient Egyptians’ chemists. Though the make-up was not scientifically proven to be able to prevent the wearer from getting several illnesses, it is still a wonder.

Unlike the present, the ancient Egyptians have no advanced technologies to create special cosmetics, but they did it.

The fact that they did, made it a wonder. I think that what helped the ancient civilisation are not any advanced technologies. I think that what caused them to want to create new inventions was their eagerness to make life better. They have such huge hunger to make life better that they became undaunted and determined to create new inventions to change their lives to become better. On the other hand people in Today’s world are not as eager anymore. They are always in their comfort zone with their basic needs taken care of. This reminds me of my school motto “Auspicium Melioris

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Aevi “. It means to hope for a better age. I am sure that if everyone has the spirit to hope for a better age, to make lives better, I am sure that we certainly can become more advanced than we are right now. ‘no wonder that ‘kemej,’ the Egyptian word that referred to the Egyptian land and to the black earth of the Nile valley, was handed to us via the Greeks and then the Arabs to eventually coin our present ‘chemistry’’ Another amazing feat that I have learnt from the article is that Egypt has the history first known example of a large scale chemical process.

It is no wonder ‘kemj’ the Egyptian word that referred to the Egyptian land and to the Arabs to eventually coin our present ‘chemistry’. But at the end of the day the most important thing that I have learnt is that the ‘Past ‘ is such a mystery , it holds many secrets , that would unravel itself slowly. This article has certainly increased my interest and knowledge of the world of history. Relevance to history: This article is related to history as it talks about history ‘conjuring’ cosmetics that probably are meant for preventive health.

It talks about how words that are coined in the present are started. It was stated that Egyptian came out with the word ‘kemj’ which in their language referred to the Egyptian land and the black Earth The word was passed to the Greeks then to the Arabs , and finally to us. It then evolved to the word as we all know as ‘chemistry’ lastly; the article has mentioned the intentional production is the first example of a large scale chemical process.

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Ancient Egyptian Cosmetics: ‘Magical’ Makeup May Have Been Medicine for Eye Disease. (2020, Jun 01). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/ancient-egyptian-cosmetics-magical-makeup-may-medicine-eye-disease-new-essay

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