Ancient Egypt: Greatest Legacy Essay

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Ancient Egypt: Greatest Legacy

Ancient Egypt has many great legacies varying from their architecture, to their culture to their gods and goddesses. Egypt is very well known for their pyramids, temples and tombs, but I believe that their greatest legacy are the pharaohs who ruled Ancient Egypt. The pharaohs in Ancient Egypt were not only the rulers of Egypt, but they were seen as living gods. The pharaohs of Ancient Egypt are a great legacy because they were so well respected and powerful. The pharaohs are the reason why Egypt has such amazing structures and pyramids because pyramids were built especially for the pharaohs.

They were built to assure the pharaohs lived a great afterlife with everything they enjoyed. Great Pharaohs such as Ramses “The Great”, Hatsheput, Thutmose III, Djoser, etc. are some of the most powerful pharaohs that ruled Egypt. These pharaohs set an example to other future pharaohs and leaders because they were so successful. The greatest of all pharaohs was Ramses “The Great”. He truly deserves to be called “The Great” because he built more statues and buildings than any other pharaoh.

He ruled for over 66 years and outlived 15 of his sons for the throne. Ramses made Egypt a more prosperous time for the people while he ruled, he truly believed that he was a living god. He set his ego in stone by building many temples and engraving his name in temples so he would never be forgotten. One of the most interesting Pharaohs was Hatsheput. She was the first female pharaoh. Women in Ancient Egypt were respected, but it was frowned upon for a women to rule so Hatsheput would dress like a male pharaoh.

She wore the traditional kilt, crown and even wore a false beard. She was a successful pharaoh because of her group of loyal officials who controlled the key positions in her government. Pharaohs are Egypt’s greatest legacy because they made Ancient Egypt such a historical place to visit and research. Without Pharaohs, Egypt would not have all the breath taking pyramids and remarkable buildings and temples. Pharaohs shaped the way Ancient Egypt was and the way Modern day Egypt still is and that is why they are Egypt’s greatest legacy

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