Ancient Egypt Essay

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Ancient Egypt

When one thinks of “mummification,” what would immediately come into mind is Ancient Egypt. But according to archaeologists, they discovered that this process is also being practiced in other places such as China and even in the among the tribes in Alaska though they are not identical to that of the Egyptians whose method is more commonly known (Monet).

Compared to the other methods which appear to be very simple in terms of process or procedures such as simply putting the corpse in cold or airtight places, the Egyptian method is considered the most elaborate which is still shrouded and mystery as to how the process is exactly conducted. The only way to get an idea on how it was done is to examine the remains for pathological purposes as well as a smattering of surviving texts that have been found (Monet; David 383-384).

Egyptian mumification is a two-step process that entailed embalming which made use of chemicals to preserve the remains for a longer duration of time. The second process is wrapping the corpse with layers of linen bandages for the purpose of maintaining its shape through the passage of time (Monet; David 385). Archaeologists are amazed on how “sophisticated” Egyptians were in developing the technology to make a body “live forever” and had exceeded their expectations. If there is a reasonable conclusion to this topic, the Egyptians made a significant contribution to modern civilization with this process.

While it may be impractical for people to preserve the remains of the decased in this day and age, the practice still has benefits in terms of slowing decomposition and no attempt is made to duplicate the exact methods used. Works Cited David, A. Rosalie, “Mummification. ” Nicholson, Paul T. , and Ian Shaw, eds. Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000. Monet, Jefferson. An Overview of Mummification in Ancient Egypt. 1996. Tour Egypt. Net. 21 Aug. 2010 <http://www. touregypt. net/featurestories/mummification. htm>.

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