Ancient Egypt Essay

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Ancient Egypt

What are books? Well the answer is pretty simple which is books are a set of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of ink, paper, parchment, or other materials, usually fastened together to hinge at one side. Books are available everywhere. We can get them at a bookstore, library, school and many more places. They are part and puzzle of someone’s life. There are many types of book like storybooks, fictional, non-fictional, novels, magazines, manuscript, comic books, log books, reference books, textbooks and so much more.

When writing systems were invented in ancient civilisation, this system can be written on nearly everything including stone, clay, tree bark and metal sheets. Alphabetic writing emerged in Egypt about 5,000 years ago. Papyrus, a thick paper-like material made by weaving of the stems of the papyrus plant, then pounding the woven sheet with a hammer-like tool, was used for writing in Ancient Egypt. Papyrus sheets were glued together to form a scroll.

Tree bark such as lime and other materials were also used. A codex in modern usage is the first information repository that modern people would recognise as a book. In the early 19th century, steamed-powered printing presses became very popular.

Books were put to good use by many well-known and famous authors both in the past and present. Author is someone who makes or originates something. Philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Sun Tzu and many more philosophers spread their ideas and messages through books. They spoke their mind through books. This in return introduced and spread ideology over the continent during the rising and falling of great empires like Rome, Greek and China.

Books play an important role in the growth of language. There are over 5000 languages in the world. These languages are spread by books. Nowadays, we can get books with different languages so that means you can get a book with the same title but with a different language. There are books such as dictionary that helps people especially students that have troubles in translating from a language to another. This is called bilingual.

Besides, books are essential in students’ life. It is constantly needed throughout the learning period of an individual’s life. For example, books are used in kindergartens, primary, lower and upper secondary and even in colleges or institutions. Students no matter where or which phase of the learning period they enter, books are still needed. Furthermore, working people especially those who are involved in teaching and journalism like teachers, lecturers, professors, reporters and many more. They can’t escape from books. One of their source of livelihood is books.

As technology progress, books are getting unpopular. This is because that we now are able to read story books and novels through the internet as well as purchase them. People do not have to open their books and flip through pages to find information. Moreover, they can obtain the information they seek within seconds. They also do not need to buy music books anymore because it is available online.

In conclusion, books are the very source of intellect and intelligence. They are huge source of knowledge. To read books are endless, even a lifetime is not sufficient. You can never read them finish. During the earlier centuries, books were the key to the growth of advanced civilisation. Therefore, even with the progression of technology, mankind should continue to read books because they are endless with knowledge.

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