Ancient civilization Essay

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Ancient civilization

Ancient civilization was characterized with a culture that was rich in content, and embraced all aspects of human life. Religion for instance was so much emphasized as the basic support to human life. Assyrian winged protective deities were Egyptian religious figures. The chapel of Sekhem-ank-ptah is another unique aspect of history and has its weight on the wall hangings which had various writing inscribed on them. Lamassu, which is also known as lama is one of the Assyrian deities which had an obligation of protecting the people. This religious power existed between C883-613 in the Assyrian territory.

The religious wall hangings found in the chapel of sekhen-ank-ptah has close similarity to Lama. All of them existed to in the ancient days with the wall hangings dating back to 2450 to 2350 BC. The region of existence of the wall hangings was however Sakkara in the late dynasty 5 (Tomasi, M. 2006). The two unique powers had varying representations. Lama was displayed as a large bull with horns and was always placed as a monument at the entrance of palaces. The gender of Lama was of the form of human males. Great artists always confirmed that the Assyrian deities with wings were actually apotropaic figures.

Wall hangings on the other hands were made using thick papyrus which was obtained from swamps, lots of drawings were posted on the wall hangings and these drawings had various interpretations of divine nature. One similarity however is the material used to make them. All were made using sacred items. Lamassa represented a standing figure and served as a servant to a superior god. This meant that all visitors of the superior god were welcomed by the lame. Lama also had one great duty of protecting people against evil forces. The wall hangings on the other hands acted as a reminder of the baths to be taken in life.

Some parts of the wall; hanging represented the process of giving offerings in church. The pictures had diagrams of animals in motion. Al these had interpretation. For example, the wall hanging on butchers at work and that showing plants in the field had an interpretation that the people were mainly farmers. Generosity in terms of giving food is also an output obtained form this diagram. The ancient Assyrian people believed in these symbols of deity and followed the beliefs carefully. Any violation of the precepts was believed to bring curses both then and the generation that followed

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