Ancient China Essay Topics

Women in World History and their Contributions in Egypt and China

Women have prove themselves to be strong in so many ways. We can see and hear stories and accounts of women’s success, great influence and contribution in all walks of life. They have proven, time and memorial that women are strong and inspiring. In this paper we will discuss women in world history that has… View Article

Roles of Women in Ancient China

In the times of 221 BC Woman in ancient Chinese culture lived accordingly to rules set by men. They lived there lives from when they were born being controlled with no input to what they wanted as they were considered inferior to Men. For about two thousand years the life of an ancient Chinese woman… View Article

Ancient Chinese Foods

Now in order to live and be successful, you need to eat. The Ancient Chinese were/are very successful. They are also the longest civilization on Earth. So what was their stable food supply? The Ancient Chinese ate a variety of different foods. They ate rice, millet, fish, sorghum, wheat, pork, vegetables, fruits, and ginger. They… View Article