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Today is the big day,
To think of how far-flung we have come,
And how afar we have to go?
There is much more to thrive and much more to show.
Let’s rejoice the majestic journey,
This establishment had had up to now,
Let’s raise a toast to make it even better,
Let us take a vow!
Let us all drift in the flow of PRAVAH 2K18………
Utsav: A very good evening to one and all present here,our hon’able director,well acclaimed chief guests,all the teacher and of course our frisky students.

How lovely is this day and ambience and aura of this auditorium .we all are gathered here to rejoice the astonishing success of our college .
This is the time we all are waiting for, so without further ado, I <utsav jayaswal> take a pride and honor welcoming you all to this evening of cultural extravaganza,the perfect blend of fun and knowledge.

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Let us see together a colorful rainbow of programs unfold.
All this would not have been possible without the efforts and initiative of our director sir…
so to start this extravaganza I would love to call MR. MEEL on the stage and tell us the story of success & determined attempts for this institution ..
{MEEL SIR ON THE STAGE and he will give a brief about the college}……………………

Mushkil Nahi Hai Kuchh Duniya Mein,Tu Jara Koshish Toh Kar.Khwab Badlenge Hakeekat Mein,Tu Jara Koshish Toh Kar
The theme of our Annual function PRAVAH is the concept of appreciating the innovative instincts and acts of brilliant and talented students of college to bring out their hidden aptitude.

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Lets proceed further by taking another step forward towards the celebration
Safar mein dhoop to hogi,jo chal sako to chalo, sabhi hai bheed mein ,tum bhi chal sako to chalo.
there are some out of sight support who although are not otherwise visible but they play a major role in the organization of such events. They are our backbone; our pillars of support, Our Sponsors We express our wholehearted gratitude to our sponsors .
94.3 My Fm –radio partnerzee rajasthan- Electronic media partnerHastkala- creativity partnerjaipur addalemon tree premier – Hospitality partner.nirwana hometel jaipur.
Now I would like to welcome our singing group who will be performing Ganesh Vandana / Welcome song. Please welcome them.

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