Anatomy of Accidents final

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Anatomy of an accident

The first mistake Fitz did was to climb all alone. He ended up making bad decisions. Had he climbed with someone who was experienced, he would have been guided accordingly. Moreover, more people would have made better designs. The second mistake he did was to leave the summer pack before climbing the last 100 meters. It was a wrong choice to make as the pack had items that could have reduced the chances of him falling. Climbing loose rock was the third mistake he did.

Once he noticed that the rocks were loose, he could have turned back and look for another route to use. He ended up supporting himself on the loose rock hence his near-death experience.

Fitz experience has shaped his future. He describes the need to have more information before embarking on such adventure. He further alludes that the adage, what can’t kill you makes you stronger, makes sense. Fitz identifies the need to pay attention to details while focusing on the goal but considering the process keenly.

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He also indicates that it is important not to walk alone especially when it comes to making decisions.

Learning to drive was one of the most memorable experience. One rainy afternoon ride led to near death experience. I sped through a rough terrain along a dangerous cliff. As I press the gas pedal, I hit a rock and immediately lost control of the car. The vehicle luckily stopped after it hit two trees that stood over the cliff.

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Lucky for me I had the safety belt on. It saved my life. The experience made me understand why they say speed kills. Moreover, the perception I have had about life changed. I treasure every minute.

The Dangers of Safety

Over a few years, there have been deaths that are caused by unnecessary conflicts. The society today is more conscious of the dangers that lore. Where one sees an individual who is armed, black or dresses like a Muslim and does not have the necessary police gear, they panic. Moreover, the sports world has seen more deaths than traditional statistics could read. As the author suggests, the helmet that is mandatory in the American soccer the cause of aggressive behavior that has been witnessed. The players are deemed to be safe and hence can engage in extreme behavior to achieve the mission. Eliminate the helmet would mean a behavioral change. Sports like rugby and football do not need much of the safety tools yet the enthusiasm levels are high. The injuries are minimal unlike in the case where a ‘safety measure’ is used. This is the reality today. The aggressive behavior that is experienced in sport is escalated where a non-human element is introduced. Head injuries, tackling is a little different. The behavior is reformed.

Luxury goods

Today seeing a police officer who is armed, one is more likely to take caution unlike in instances where the officers are armed and look ready for combat. When people complain about militarized police, the argument is based on behavior change. People react differently when they see a fully armed police officer. I do as well. A sense of safety pops up each time. The society sees an unarmed officer as individuals who are defenseless. This is a social problem in society today. The behavior change can be attributed to the need to have a secure society. The perception is that armed individuals with bad motives will take advantage and harm. Today, cars are designed to be safer. The safety devices can be turned on and off. Such items put in place by the manufactures are used by the sale persons to impress the buyers. The author describes the safety features as a luxury based on the technology that has been used to make the top range of vehicles. He observes that the safety features is an option where the client needs to consider before buying a car. The manufacturing firms have used the life and death experiences of some of the car users to make vehicles that appeal to be safe. Aluminum seats that have been developed in racing cars. The strategy is done based on the goodwill and experience of the designer and demands of the manufacturer.

Accident Potential Model

Environmental hazards included the high temperatures, the forming clouds and the steep rocks that they have experienced. The human factors include having only two adults to look over a number of young stars. Moreover, their judgment is impaired. Once they see the clouds forming, they should have been able to decide to wait and see. They misjudged the thick clouds that were forming quickly. Had they done prior research on environmental hazards, critical safety measures could have been taken? The accidents occurred due to the error in human judgment. Such adventure requires strict measures as the population involved was huge. Their ability to judge and make decisions was limited. The process was all left for the adults. While Sally was experienced, Dan had little to do.

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Anatomy of Accidents final
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