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Analyzing radio station logos

We began our practical production by analyzing radio station logos. We found that many logos were simple, colourful and effective. Many of the logos went straight to the point, such as ‘classic fm’, this clearly shows us that it was for a older people who listen to classical music, and the simple logo it had clearly shows us that for people who wouldn’t want to listen to hyperactive music. The following work at the bottom was my research:

Radio Channels

Logo: Kiss

The logo for Kiss fm looks a bit girly with the heart, which could mean that it mostly plays love songs.

Kiss Radio station doesn’t particularly have an age limit; it plays a lot of different types of music. For example they play R n B for younger people and they play it on the evenings when young people are normally going home from school or college.

Kiss plays R n B most of the time, but they do play hip hop, dance and electric pop.

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However, on Saturday night and Friday nights they play Dance and Club Classics. This appeals to people who are 20-30 years of age.

Kiss don’t have a certain schedule, to play certain songs at certain times. However in the evenings, 3 – 5 pm the music type is mostly new R n B songs that are out, this is because young people put on their radios on the way home from school.

Kiss radio station is known to be one of the biggest and the most popular, because

Johnny normally does the top 40 UK Charts on Sunday at 4-7 pm.

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He is not too funny, but he is quick on presenting the songs and he has to do this because it’s the Top 40!

Example Schedule of DJs and shows:


00.00 – 01.00: David Rodigan is putting on the Reggae Show.

01.00 – 03.00: Patrick Forge

03.00 – 06.00: Neev

06.00 – 09.00: Robin Banks

09.00 – 11.00: Justin Wilkes

11.00 – 12.00: Justin Wilkes starting on the Kisstory Show.

12.00 – 13.00: Toni Philips

13.00 – 14.00: Toni Philips putting on free radio kiss.

14.00 – 18.00: Simon Dale

18.00 – 21.00: Jez Welham

21.00 – 23.00: Dynamite MC

23.00 – 0.00: Logan Same

Logo: Choice FM

The logo for choice fm looks suitable for both boys and girls.

The market audience for this radio station is mostly teenagers and 20 year olds. However, on Sunday old people listen to it as well. They appeal to their market audience because they play the most popular songs that people in this age group listen, which is R n B, they also put the songs on air on a certain time so people can listen to it.

Choice fm also plays UK music and Garage.

Choice fm puts on slow vibes in the morning to make the people active. Towards they end they put on high jamming music, so people who normally tune it on when they relax can listen to it on time and they got sort of party music at the end which makes people hyper.

The radio station is always very modern and it always has slang.

The most funniest presenter is called Blackwood, he is very loud, and always talks in slang.


02:00 –

06:00 – Morning Vybe with Martin & Lucy

09:00 – George Kay

12:00 – Dave VJ

15:00 – Hot Drive Show with Jigs

18:00 – Masterstepz

20:00 – Super Jam with Daddy Ernie

22:00 – The Hype with Jenny Francis

Logo: Virgin

The logo is very simple, it looks like it suits all types of people.

The market audience is mostly adults because the listen to the songs they put in, for example they put in Pop, Love songs, a little R n B and oldies.

The radio station is not too boring, it has less advertisements and put on more songs.

Suggs who normally does 6 pm on Friday is funny and crazy to keep people less tired and more active.

The schedule is designed to put on certain type of music at certain times, for example at the end of the day, they put on relaxing music.

Example of schedule on a Friday:

1.00 am – Greg Burns

4.00 am – John Osborne

6.00 am – Christian O’Connell breakfast show

10.00 am – The top ten at ten

11.00 am – Russ Williams

1.00 pm – Neil Francis

4.00pm – Martin’s Drive time

6.00pm – Virgin Party Classics with Suggs

10.00pm – The Late Show with Robin Burke

Logo: Kerrang


The logo looks like it suits all type of people, the word kerrang is onomatopoeic and anyone who looks at the logo will see that they put on rocky music. The market audience is mostly adults and a couple of teenagers.

The Music is mostly Rock and Pop.

The schedule is put on a certain way, for example they put on The Ugly Phil Breakfast Show on the morning, so when people are having breakfast they could listen to him and get ready to go to work or school.

The Radio often has news, a few advertisements.

The presenter is funny and little loud and a gothic type of person.

An example of a schedule on a Monday.

01:00 Sean Coleman

06:00 The Ugly Phil Breakfast Show

09:00 The 60 Minute Music Bender with Rick Shaw

10:00 Rick Shaw Midday Jim Coulson

15:00 Emma Scott

19:00 The Illegal Download Chart with Steve Harris

20:00 Steve Harris

22:00 Tim Shaw’s Asylum

Logo: Capital Fm

The logo seems to suit all types of music and it doesn’t look too girly or too boring. Capital fm usually has UK charts, but sometimes they do put on US charts. They also put on love songs, R n B, pop and dance.

Jeremy Kyle does the Jeremy Kyle show from 9 – 12 pm on Sundays, he is the funniest presenter and nearly the whole country listens to it, he appeals to all kinds of people but specially teenagers.

Capital fm doesn’t have a certain Market audience , many people listen to it, nearly the whole London listens to it.

At 9 -12 on Sunday they put on all types of songs because that’s when all types of people are free and tunes into the radio to listen their type of music. The radio station is well known because of the Jeremy Kyle show, he is always funny and all people in different ages listen to it.

Example of a schedule of a Monday:

06.00 – 08.00 – Johnny Vaughan

09.00 – 12.00 – James Cannon

13.00 – 15.00 – Margherita Taylor

16.00 – 18.00 – Lucio

19.00 – 20.00 – Paul Gillies

21.00 – 22.00 – Vodafone Live Hour

22.00 – 00.00 – London’s Love songs

01.00 – 03.00 – Sophie Malcom

04.00 – 05.00 – Tim Lichfield

Logo: Classic Fm

The Logo has a simple design and it is not designed for just girls or boys but both, it looks like it’s made for old people because of the simple colour and the font type. Classic fm in general plays slow classical music that includes violins, and piano. It also plays Opera as well. The market audience increases between young children because of the Winnie the pooh songs they put on. But often they put on other songs for older people, these songs are mostly calm, classics and opera. On Saturday night 9 -12, they put on opera. The radio station is usually calm and relax. The presenters usually create suspense on a show to make sure that people keep on listening, especially on Saturday night.

The Presenter Jane Jones does the Classic FM Easier Breakfast, she is relaxed and helps you wake up after a good nights sleep, she give detailed information about the news and what’s going on around the world, she also gives you the weather for the day and travel news.

An Example of a schedule on a Wednesday.

06:00 – Classic FM Easier Breakfast with Jane Jones

08:00 – The Classic FM Breakfast Show with Simon Bates

12:00 – The Classic FM Most Wanted with Jamie Crick

13:00 – Classic FM Requests with Jamie Crick

16:00 – Classic FM Drivetime with Mark Forrest

18:30 – Classic Newsnight with John Brunning

19:00 – Smooth Classics at Seven with John Brunning

21:00 – The Classic FM Evening Concert with Nick Bailey

00:00 – Late Night Lisa with Lisa Duncombe

02:00 – Night Show with Mark Griffiths

Logo: Heart

The Logo looks girly because of the pink colour and the heart shapes that it has, this could mean that they mostly play romantic songs.

The market audience for heart varies all the time because they play different type of music in different times

They play all sorts of music, such as Romantic music, Pop, ballad, a little R n B, rock and soft rock.

The schedule is made in according to peoples mood on different times, for example at night people like to listen to love songs so they put on love songs in the night.

This radio station normally has two presenters speaking in turn, and they all keep you relax, they are not so hyper and not so calm.

Logo: Radio 4

The Logo suits both males and females because it looks simple, and it doesn’t use a certain colour to represent their market audience.

The market audience are mostly old people, pensioners or other people that listen to news a lot. The style of music is varied every time, but frequently they have news, it is best radio station to get detailed information.

The radio is good for older people because the presenter and the advertisements they put on is not too loud or agitated, but it’s not too boring, it keeps the older people relaxed.

The presenters normally create suspense when they are playing drama, so the audience will want to listen on.

Example of a morning schedule on a Wednesday.

05:20 Shipping Forecast

The latest shipping forecast.

05:30 News Briefing

The latest news from BBC Radio 4.

05:43 Prayer for the Day

Daily prayer and reflection.

05:45 Farming Today

Agricultural news and features with Anna Hill.

06:00 Today

Logo: Radio 1

The logo is designed to suit females and males, it looks simple but very effective, anyone looking at the logo could tell that it doesn’t put too agitated music, or that it normally puts on news.

Market Audience for this radio station varies depending on the music, they put on all sorts of music. The schedule is put on times when people starts to listen to, for example they put on club classics on Friday night that appeal to 20 – 30 year olds. The radio station is mostly calm and soothing, it doesn’t make people uninterested or too frenzied, it just make people calm down.

An example of a schedule on a Monday.

07:00 – Chris Moyles

10:00 – Jo Whiley

12:45 – Newsbeat

13:00 – Edith Bowman

16:00 – Scott Mills

17:45 – Newsbeat

18:00 – Scott Mills

19:00 – Zane Lowe

21:00 – Steve Lamacq’s In New Music We Trust

22:00 – Colin Murray

00:00 – The Radio 1 Rock Show

02:00 – The Radio 1 Punk Show with Mike Davies

04:00 – JK and Joel

They put on news quite often to keep people updated on the news, they put on certain types of music in certain different times, for example slow songs in the morning and the night to calm people down and fast music during the evening to keep people going.

We used the example of Kiss fm, to get ideas for out radio station log, Kiss fm targeted all kinds of music and the love heart attracted many people and it suited the target audience as we.

Therefore, we designed our radio station name and logo to represent young people, the graffiti type writing simplifies that it’s for young people and the name of the radio station ‘twist’ shows them that it’s going to the type of music that many people can dance, also the colourful writing will appeal to the younger audience and will attract them to listen our radio station.

We designed our radio station…Audacity…

Our production meeting were every Monday and during Media Studies lesson time. We gave ourselves a number of tasks to do, and then we decide to equally divide the tasks so that it will be fair in our group. We decided that the type of roles should be equally divided as well. So that we will be able to do a bit of all parts which include being creative to make poster, write reports and also do the technical stuff like recording the presenters.

Our advertisement for a presenter on the station was designed and created to attract a particular type of applicant. We wanted a presenter that is a chatty, loud, love gossiping, love music and is enthusiastic about their job. It is important to the station and the listeners the he/she talk and behaves as they do because it will attract younger audience and increase our publicity a lot.

Our schedule and programme was designed to appeal to younger people who would like to jam to some loud music and wouldn’t mind listening all other types of music. Our schedule and program targets them because the music will be put at certain times where we think the listeners will be in a certain mood, for example slow music when the listeners are feeling tired. However, we also target other people who like to listen to all sorts of music.

Similarly, the news agenda reflected that our aim on the radio station is not just in music, but that we also take care of the world around us, we aimed to target at the people in the UK, and people who would like to travel, and give people whether news around the country. Also some of the serious incidents that happened during the day.

Our radio station was successful because while we made the radio station because our group were able to give in ideas and work at their own pace, also it was less boring to do and much more fun. We gave each other chances to express their opinions and their ideas, and this helped us improve in our radio project.

If I was to do this again, I would like to have a much larger group, to see how people would work together, also people who are similar and not in friendship groups, so that each person will have a new experience and we go through the project. I wouldn’t also mind changing this to a much clam radio station, such as classic fm, so that older people will be able to listen to it, it will able be a great experience to us because we will be able to learn about other music types and will be able to open our minds to things that we don’t encounter everyday.

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