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Analytical Support for Decision Making Self Reflection

The analytical support for decision making course is really indeed touching every aspect from my daily job as a lead optimization engineer dealing with a huge drilling real time streaming data. In the past I have worked to prepare quarter review & annual report for our center. Honestly, it was consuming a lot of time to construct a valuable presentation that will impress the upper management. As of time being ASDM is a strong aid to be creative in utilizing, analyzing, projecting & illustrating for our daily data.

Here I will highlight major subjects that I got so many benefits from:

Data Gathering

ASDM is a real guide to perform data analysis. It learns the first steps in how to gather data & how to deal with it. The good part in the assignment is the data was real and taken from World Bank website and the challenge is to identify the best data & find out ways to get the missing data by quantitative approaches.

The lesson learned here is any data has to go through cleansing process to be worth for analysis & to reach trustful results.


As we are seeing many surveys floating around in every single website or newspapers in the media, the real question is how trustful the results are. Now with ASDM approaches, it is easier to now that, to dig deep in the survey process. How the survey was done, whom were the sample, location and the time it was conducted. In addition to the right guide in how to do different types surveys & analyze the results for best decisions.

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As regression deals with trends to find out the relationship level & criteria & help a lot in projection. In my daily work I’m dealing with many drilling trends, like the drilling rig hook load (HKL), surface torque while performing the drilling operation. My job is to identify the strong relationship between many drilling parameters & do a projection. Like for HKL & torque utilizing regression to find out the regression model in a specific formation will help us in identifying the normal / upnoraml trends prior drilling operation for better optimization & savings. In addition the regression will help a lot in the projection ahead to the final drilling target depth.


Multi criteria decision analysis is the decision maker best tool to identify & take in consideration all the factors with relative to their weights & influence in the subject matter. Real life is chain of continuous MCDA has to be taken but differs in size & complication. Although, VISA software is a simple & light, it is superior software to include every single step & illustrate it with a nice & simple way. Personally we are running many projects that take in consideration several factors & MCDA is the best guide came at the right time.

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