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Analysis Women in Literature

Feminism is a social movement that focuses on achieving political, economic and social equality for women. The push for this movement has been continuous since the late 1800s. Along the way, “women have abandoned the traditional [submissive] roles” that were typical of the early 20th century. Women in literature have changed immensely compared to how they are depicted today.

The early representations of women in literature were generalized unfairly, portraying women primarily as housewives. After World War I, the push for this movement increased as women began demanding more rights.

Since the early 1900s were predominantly filled with this type of writing style, many writers, including Ernest Hemingway, wrote stories that disregarded feminist concerns.

In Hemingway’s ‘Hills like White Elephants’ exemplifies a commentary against many of the tropes feminism wants to see change. He uses characterization and dialogue to illustrate a woman being pressured to follow the advice of her boyfriend in ‘a society dominated by men and masculinity’ (PhDessays).

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