Analysis on the Alibabas development Essay

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Analysis on the Alibabas development

Alibaba aAs a model of global B2B e-commerce model, from the launch site for the first time since it was founded at the end of 1998 to till right now, it Alibaba has has possessed more than 15 years of’ history. After four years of the establishment of the website, which is the end of 2002, . Alibaba get got its the first profit for the first time with, over six million yuanYuan in cash earningsin cash at the end of 2002 when it was the fourth year since the establishment of the website. Alibaba keeps acute insight and moves ahead is discerning, and step toward profitability with a unique business model.

The first stage: The first step is to capture the market so as to provide free information. , first to capture the market. China’s e-commerce is currently under blocking condition with still stuck in the informationlimited information flow stage. Base on In accordance theto the full overall investigation on the basis ofbased on the needs of the enterprise market, it is needed to classify enterprise registration information integration, as well as According to the different characteristics, provide effective information and services for the enterprises based on the different characteristics.

The second stage: the use of a The successful launch of at the first phase of the corporate credit certification, to has lay laid the solid foundation for a the further profit. Ma got the key pointjust cached themain key, at First by firstly introduced introducing China Chinese integrity authentication on to the Internet -– integrity , in 2002, and Grasp grasped the key primary issues on the Chinese e-commerce market, which This is also the first Alibaba revenue channelschannel of Alibaba. Alibaba induce attracts companies to pay to join in the “integrity” aspect through the clever use intelligent application of its previous history results. Third stage: the development of The overseas markets development, expands the scope of trade scope. Alibaba addition to not only master most of the domestic enterprise information, but also mastered the nearly 10 million overseas merchant information to help the domestic enterprises to develop foreign real export trade.

“Chinese suppliers” to has provided the independent account number and password to establish the English website for the , so that the worldforeign countries, with nearly 2.62 million 420,000 professional buyers browse online business and create more opportunities for businesses for further development. Fourth stage: Mergers and acquisitions “yahoo”, ” is an innovation a stretch for the development of e-commerce search. Alibaba has formed a “yahoo” as the platform, as well as a large network shopping platform based on “taobao” trading information search system. , for businessmen from the world, Alibaba provides wider space communication and trading platform for the businessmen from all over the world… Alibaba accurately positioning positions themselves itself in the midst of the economic society , with a stable business model, to find seek for their its own piece of the sky. which Has has now developed into four business groups and composed of three linked sites in the world’s leading online trading market and business community. 2.2.2 The Analysis of B2B2C mode Mode analysis

2.2.2 B2B2C pattern analysis

Fusion The combination of the “Ali Baba” and “Taobao” new B2B2C mode does not exist logistics, distribution and inventory bottlenecks. E-commerce development in China is not mature enough since , there are a variety of defects, which leading leads to the situation that the site operator cannot accurately predict the demand for commodities , in real life as well as the same distribution logistics system at the initial trial stage. The new B2B2C model is adapted to the development of Chinese e-commerce environment, so that Alibaba can cleverly avoided the risk due to the backlog of goods distribution, and logistics system to establish imperfect generatedgeneration. The distribution logistics of this is linked to the merchant, the merchant who is responsible for the timely deliver the goods delivery to the hands of consumers, . Alibaba only conducts trading platform for businesses and consumers trading platform, do not instead of bearing the cost of producetion cost in the logistics and distribution process, which make takes the intermediary between the cost of the transaction. Alibaba’s successful business philosophy has attracted the attention of many businesses that Alibaba it has become an indispensable business transaction network platform.

Whether it is for the business or consumer, it is Alibaba that is the exclusively first thought as long as a reference tofor online shopping, the first thought is Alibaba, which . It also can also be the successfully Alibaba risk due to its distribution, logistics and inventory generated onto another important reason business. Alibaba redefines the B2C market, leading which leads to the development direction of e-commerce industry., Aalthough this it is the inevitable trend of e-commerce development, but there has been no further proper opportunity. Alibaba B2B market possesses the share of 80% plus and the “Taobao” C2C market share of 70 percent%, which making makes it the best candidate to create a B2B2C business. Enterprise value to sales from production to sales to make up a supply chain, has changed the traditional model of creating value, reflecting and reflected the impact of the Internet on business activities a deeper extent.

In addition, Alibaba acquired which adopts “Yahoo China” to gained the world’s leading search technology supported platforms and a the strong product development capabilities, will also become a fresh point of future profitability; . Moreover, Tradelink and Alipay Alibaba will also create more wealth with thewith their developments of its create more wealth. As it can be seen from the Alibaba’s earnings history and the future direction of its development, the truly- opened , content with the localization features information and collaboration and as well as the strong global e-commerce is are the most viable. We must build e-business models in line with the Chinese people, based on the principle of fair competition for among enterprises, as well as the integration of various enterprise resources, to achieve economies of scale.

2.3 Situation The Analysis of Alibaba international International trade Trade development Development in the electricity Electricity supplierSupplier 2.3.1 Analysis of the competitive Competitive advantage Advantage of Alibaba Firstly, Ali Baba and the new web service mechanism apt toare prone to experience the value of attracting customers and buyers. Alibaba site construction methods using localized for different countries have adopted the local language, of the different localized countries which is easy to read,for comprehending that this convenience and affinity will have to are prone to integrate international markets. Alibaba has established operations in four interrelated website: the iInternational website in English to provide professional services for global business, the Simplified simplified Chinese in mainland China mainly provides to provide website marketing services; , the Global Traditional Chinese website was Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and throughout the world Chinese American service; as well as the Korean language Korean site in Korean for Korean users.

Secondly, Alibaba has a huge number of membersmemberships, Alibaba years of since its years’ operation make it overseas buyers, suppliers to establish a mature trading relationship. Alibaba, which possesses through three marketplaces around all over the world to assist several millions of buyers and suppliers with engaged the engagement in online business. Finally, Alibaba’s “integrity” of the Internet to provides a guarantee secure transactionsguaranteed secure transactions. Listening to our customers, to and meeting customer needs is are the foundation of survival and development of Ali Baba. Customer first, teamwork, embracing change, integrity, passion and dedication are the core values of Ali Baba. 2.3.2The Disadvantages 2.3.2 of Alibaba

Firstly, Alibaba’s site model is an intermediary form, and this model which has a copycat, which provides providing samples for other competitors to enter the industry, there is increased as well as the increasing competition for them. Secondly, Alibaba’s business is large and cluttered, it is the which has original 27 original industry classifications, and 8OO – 900 categories of industries to optimize the business platform into its the biggest obstacledevelopment. Thirdly, Alibaba the during infancy of Alibaba due to the low barriers to entry Member cohabitation, and the altogether honest members get together. Making makes the supplier price competition among the suppliersis very fierce. Fourthly, because of the strategic shift Alibaba will put a lot ofinvest much money to payfor the personal C2C platform Taobao, . Besides, Alibaba B2B customers may face dropped , while the new customers supplement embarrassment.

2.3.3 The Analysis on the Cchance of Alibaba

Alibaba in the development process is also facing a lot of opportunities in the development process. Alibaba in the development process is also facing a lot of opportunities. Firstly, several of the big banks and credit companies participate fully in e-commerce, which created creates the conditions for the deeppth conditions of the development of in e-commerce Alibaba. Secondly, China is now speeding up the development of e-commerce legal provisions, and as well as actively establishingcreates a safe, and standardized business environment.

This, which provides favorable conditions for the development of in e-commerce Alibaba. Once again, China cannot afford to existing SMEs to start their own B2B commerce sites that, so this intermediary sites like Alibaba welcome its popularity.popular with its welcome. Finally, as to the continuous development and, improvement of the Internet and the proliferation of computers, there will be more companies have joinedjoining in the online business, which makes provides Alibaba has a lot of potential customers.

2.3.4 Threat Analysis of Alibaba

Firstly, Alibaba’s profit is mainly in China, but the status quo of China’s business environment restricted restricts the further development of B2B Alibaba, such as legal sound, online payment security vulnerabilities, improve infrastructure improvement and other outstanding developments gave Alibaba drag. Secondly, the pattern of business websites in among the world in recent years, not only speeds up the rapid development, but has gradually become a trend of e-commerce alliance 11.11 mergers. Besides, and cooperation is the trend, this which will lead to more intense competitions.

Problems and Solutions of Alibaba’sE-commerce international the International trade Trade development Development in Alibaba’s E-commerce 3.1 Find theProblems Investigation Developmentof development of B2B eE-commerce in China Although, Alibaba has been under rapid developmentin in the past few years, and China has also been deemed as a n successful B2B e-commerce business representatives. However, wWe must know understand that the B2B e-commerce development model has some problems such as Alibaba, and these problems is which are the future development of China’s B2B e-commerce needed to be addressed. These problems that are mainly in the following aspects: (A) Lack of sufficient attention to the large enterprise market Currently , most of China’s B2B e-commerce to provides commodity publish and trading platform to provide offer services. This approach , which is suitable for small and medium enterprises, because since they need the help of B2B e-commerce platform to develop for new markets development.

However, the demand for large enterprises and SMEs B2B e-commerce is very different since , they usually have a fixed customers and sales channels, but. However, they are also often faced with the strategic adjustment problems. Due to for the market environment in China is actually mainly leaded by many large enterprises to lead. So, hHow to make B2B e-commerce model can adapt to the needs of large enterprises is a major problem that currently exists. (B) The lack of information flow based on business interaction While eEconomic development has provided favorable conditions for e-commerce in China to carry out, but overall, the now e-commerce enterprises in China is are still not popular yet at present.

Due to a the lack of understanding of on the overall e-commerce systems, many enterprises have been many various errors in this process, that too simple understanding of B2B e-commerce that puts the company on the Internet homepage and catalog everything will be fine., you can wait for customers’ orders of. The extension of B2B e-commerce as a traditional trade on the Internet, if not interactive flow of information, withjust the release of information (which a lot of information is out of date) instead of interactive flow of information, will make most companies have lost interest in the B2B e-commerce. So Establishing an active or auxiliary enterprise interaction mechanisms , will be the focus of future development of in B2B e-commerce., will be the focus of future development of B2B e-commerce. (C) The lack of attention to the management of

Many e-commerce companies when only one-sided unilaterally emphasis emphasize on technology. T, the technical elements put a lot of manpower and material resources , but ignorignoreed enhance the management level enhancement in the process and the restructuring of business processes restructure to meet the e-commerce new management and business model demands environment. (D) eE-commerce is still relatively at low degree of safety

Although e-commerce security has been greatly improved, but because of viruses and the lack of various types of protective measures, Trojans and other malicious attacks continue to occur that, and the lack of various types of protective measures, so many companies are lack of thea sense of security in the implementation of B2B e-commerce. At the same time, many companies because that the network infrastructure is relatively backward,backward or no without more perfect safety management system and professional maintenance staff leads to the enterprise network., there There are many security vulnerabilities that may crash when subjected to attack quickly when. These issues , which will greatly affect the further development of B2B e-commerce. (E) Tthe lack of an effective constraint on business the The B2B companies like Alibaba are intended to provide a trading platform for all sectors of business.

However, for businesses, if the transaction is a problem, without exception, it will be held accountable B2B companies, and thus affecting the development of their own B2B businesses without exception. The fundamental reason is that since the majority of B2B companies are interactinteracting with companies through a network of way. , and Ttherefore the lack of , effective B2B platforms is lacked for the managers to assess their qualifications for these companies, ability, and reputation. In the early days, in order tothat attracting customers into the lax control is understandable. But However, with the growing influence grow and B2B trading platform, if not effectively assessing and constraintconstrainings platform business, will directly affect the credibility of the B2B platform. 3.2 The Prospect of China’s B2B eE-commerce

B2B e-commerce in the 21st century, Chinese enterprises to break new ground try to make breakthrough in the struggle for existence is in the important battleground of B2B e-commerce in the 21st century, including both . Both for China’s state-owned enterprises or and private enterprises offor 1.3 million members among the nationwide industrial and commercial enterprises, which has combined with the immediate reality , to determine the development of the essential B2B e-commerce business strategy is essential. About AlibabaAs to the combination of the above questions, this paper presents the development of by the following measures: (A) Strengthen the popularity of e-commerce in the enterprise, the implementation of B2B e-commerce is tailored to each enterprise. It should be noted, that for most Chinese enterprises, e-commerce, and B2B e-commerce, have come a the new terms is in thea new economic era.

E-commerce is not Instead of a fashionable coat, as long as it e-commerce means that Chinese companies put carry on innovation and modernization, Chinese enterprises to develop e-commerce which must make careful planning and tactical departure from the overall development of enterprises aiming at, to be able to really playing an important role on the characteristics of the network characteristics and advantages for the development of enterprises play a real role. Implementation of e-commerce enterprises is to specific specifically analysis ofanalyze the nature and scale .

Ffrom large enterprises to establish a web-based procurement system to start tofor the establishment of establish their own independent large-scale procurement trading platform, . it It should be a good development strategy, like Sony, and IBM, which has have established its their own independent global procurement system the same. Of courseHowever, for when comes to SMEs, it is not the a pursuit of for self-built large, since complex B2B trading platform is a wise choice. National Federation of the 1.3 million members of private companies, including mostly most of the small and medium enterprises should adopt such a strategy.

To to attach great importance to on enterprise information, . That a comprehensive, and enterprise information systems to carry outbe carried out, can not can’t be achieved only by a small part of the information. The way for the Chinese enterprises to develop B2B e-commerce, is not to say simply buy some computer networking equipmentequipment, and build a website that simple. For Chinese enterprises, the The real use of B2B e-commerce for Chinese enterprises is the core of the Internet as information technology, business activities and resource management, which is the core primary business efficiently manage managing all information. Helping companies create a smooth flow in the enterprise, so that the enterprise information flow between customers and suppliers, and through managementcan be smoothly managed, . value-added and application of high efficiency, Tthe customer, companies, and suppliers are all connected together, with the fastest, and lowest respond to the market costs, to grasp the opportunity to for continuously improve improving and consolidate consolidating the competitive advantages. (B) For nNetwork security issues should be given high priority.

Enterprise (taking Alibaba as a typical representative) should be equipped with the system hardware and software to optimize the configuration, . use Adopting high-quality hardware and software equipment to can reduce security vulnerabilities; and develop a sound safety management system and to establish the establishment of a professional security management team on system security design as well as and maintenance to ensure maintenance as much as possible to reduce security vulnerabilities existing in the system. It is at the time of attack and ableneeded to take emergency measures for protection and recovery, to ensure the smooth operation of the system; erect as well as build firewalls to differentiate the company’s internal network and with the outside world wonder access names, and control and monitor the data access. Using VPN (Virtual Private Network) to can ensure that the Internet to establish a dedicated channel to securefor communication channel.

The cConclusion of the contract for electronic privacy issues and fulfillment process is caused by legal regulation which can be implemented by both both in principle and industry self-regulation, . Besides, the collectors always adopt international rules to clearly define the rights and obligations of information gatherers and information are among collectors. (C) The importance of changinge management and business model. Enterprises should strengthen the staff’s competence and ability to improve communication, and eliminate unnecessary work to achieve smooth inter-departmental business processes (especially for such a large domestic Alibaba e-commerce company). After theThe reorganization of business processes is a key demand of the market, since the company’s strategy and adjustment are in consistent with each of the core business processes and consistent and identifyidentified with every job that valued from by the customer’s point of viewfeedbacks can be increased.

Enterprises should improve the level of corporate information technology,, advanced modern integrated manufacturing system (CLMS) and the introduced enterprise resource planning (ERP) system introduced in order to achieve agile manufacturing enterprise (agile manufacturing), ) and virtual manufacturing (virtual manufacturing) and as well as personalized production in order to achievefor “zero inventory”, reducinge costs, and thus retaining existing customers. Should It is needed to proceed to establish a suitable enterprise customer relationship between management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) system to achieve smooth communication with trading partners,, at the right time which can timely set up virtual companies to focus resources on their own core business and strengths.

Using The adoption of interactive marketing model and, virtual reality and the consumer experience smooth communication with customers, can fast quickly response respond to customers and p, Provide products to meet for the customer requirements. (D) To cater to the mobile era, and the development of mobile e-commerce. 2013 is one of the hot areasone of the hottest years in of mobile e-commerce. With theThe development of 3G technology enables , mobile Internet has been no problemto be easily accessed.

In the 3G era, SOLOMO (Social Local Mobile) business model will be the future trend of development. However, current mobile e-commerce is still stuck in entertainment, social and other aspects, . how How to nurture discover and explore new business models and profit model remains to bea further issue to be studied. Meanwhile, the mobile Internet too muchpays much attention to the individual consumers who, for B2B companies to integrate mobile Internet wave, which is still a need for the new technology systems and operational rules.

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