Analysis on my Favorite Poems Essay

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Analysis on my Favorite Poems

Dorothy Parker’s poem entitled “One Perfect Rose” is a simple verse that talks about the joy of the narrator. Despite of all the odds and confusion, she remained happy with the rose that she received. The narrator is not actually contented with what she has because she wants more than what she already received despite of its “perfection,” but she tried to be satisfied with it. The main theme of the poem is joy or happiness. Like many other woman, the narrator was very happy after receiving a very special and perfect flower just for her from the one she loved.

The phrase “One perfect rose” was scattered all over the poem to justify the happiness of the narrator that happens in reality because we used to express our happiness by saying a certain thing often that delighted us. The author used irony or comparing two things with different identity or individuality such as rose and limousine also leaves and heart. Based on my interpretations, I have seen that the author wanted to show the distinction of the two terms as well as its similarity.

In realism, a woman wants to enjoy herself riding a limousine after receiving a flower. From this, she feels that she is the most beautiful woman ever. On the other hand, the existence of metaphorical heart of the narrator’s man as it refers to the leaves shows irony because a leaf drops once it began to pale, which is different from a loving heart that became stronger and dignified even if it is the only one who loves. Those literary terms in the poem made me think of its sense in a deeper manner.

Even if the author already gave all the details without making her readers think or imagine the emotion of the narrator, she used literary terms to make each stanza complex by showing ironies, metaphors, simile, and images or symbolisms that hides the true meaning of the poem. From here, I can say that the poem is nice and understandable that made its readers capable of reading the poem without any boundaries of uncertainties. My Papa’s Waltz by Theodore Roethke Theodore Roethke’s poem, entitled “My Papa’s Waltz” shows the life of a boy within the hands of his father.

The author wanted to convey a deeper meaning in his poem. By way of reading it, I can see that it was not just a simple learning of dancing that made the narrator struggled into his father’s authority. From learning how to follow his father’s dance step signifies his pursuance of obeying his father as well as making his life the same his father’s life. The main theme of the poem is fear. The narrator was afraid to counter-attack his father from all its way of educating him but he could not do anything because even his mother could not talk or act against his father.

Based on my interpretation, the author wrote this poem because he experienced the same pain and struggle of his narrator. Readers could feel each situation and waiting for the next occurrence that can happen. The poem has no resolution at all. This verse illustrates the entire situation without any act of resolving the conflict. The father is the only authority because both the child and the mother could not speak for their rights. From this, I can also say that the author justified a simple way of describing a woman and child abuse that happened within a family that many could not able to perceive.

The author selected literary themes to show the emotion of the narrator as he described his experience while “dancing. ” Within those literary themes is the resemblance of fear and unknown future that awaits the child. I have felt the senses and attempt of the narrator to escape but he could not because of his fear and inability to pursue his life alone. From this, I can say that I thoroughly understand each line and stanza that the author wanted to interpret that brought me a new light of this kind of situation that happened in the society that many of us could not understand.

The Ruined Maid by Thomas Hardy The poem entitled “The Ruined Maid” by Thomas Hardy shows the struggle of a maid within her employers. The author showed and discussed the life of a maid without happiness but always failure. The author used two different characters in the story to show the emotions of a maid by using her friend. The author utilized jargons or terms that usually used in African-American community. Through this, even if the author did not state the physical characteristics of the maid, it shows that it refers to the Blacks by way f acknowledging the usage of words and terms in the whole poem.

The author putted different literary terms or symbolisms to justify his claim about the ruined maid. Tired of digging potatoes, and spudding up docks; / And now you’ve gay bracelets and bright feathers three! (Hardy 6-7). These lines showed that work of the maid was not just to clean a house or to take care of the children, but becoming like a farmer. The metaphorical symbolisms of potatoes and bracelets also docks and feather shows the evolution of the maid’s life and “prosperity.

” By comparing the bracelets and potatoes, the bracelets are light, beautiful and clean while the potatoes are full of dirt, hard, and dark. It shows that the life of the maid progresses from being a potato to become a bracelet. The maid also becomes a feather that was led by the wind even if she was already ruined. Despite of the uncertainties, the maid leaves her painful and sorrowful life in the hands of his master to find her self and new beginning alone. These literary terms made the poem more fun and entertaining.

As I have read the poem, it gives me the right kind of laughter that I can feel while imagining the characteristic and lifestyle of the ruined maid. Because of this, I enjoyed every line and stanza of the poem because of the symbols, images, ironies, similes, and metaphors that exist all throughout the verse. From this, I can say that the author’s intended audiences in his poem are the middle-class people especially the Blacks because despite of all the struggles and pains that they went through, they still have the capability to laugh and entertain their selves. Conclusion

As a whole, these poems are not just simple verses. They are social constructs that we usually take for granted. They are also part of realism that we tend to ignore because these occurrences exist commonly. However, if we look at the content and its context in human society, we can perceive each scenario as a sensitive issue that we need to understand and tackle. Through this, we can demonstrate some solutions to these complex problems to avoid or at least lessen its existence within the society whether it came from the minority or majority communities that we lived in.

The importance of these poems is not only to entertain us but to give as the right perspectives and justifications of the “simple” truth. References Hardy, T. (2005). The Ruined Maid. Retrieved 19 February 2008. http://rpo. library. utoronto. ca/poem/926. html Parker, D. (n. d. ). One Perfect Rose. Retrieved 19 February 2008. http://www. web-books. com/classics/Poetry/Anthology/Parker_D/One. htm Roethke, T. (n. d. ) My Papa’s Waltz. Retrieved 19 February 2008. http://gawow. com/roethke/poems/43. html

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