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Analysis of VARK

In order for students to maximize their learning experience is important to be aware of their preferred learning style. A great tool that is used to determine the learning style preferences is the VARK (, audio, reading / writing, visual kinesthetic) questionnaire. Assessing VARK learning style was developed by Neil Fleming in 1987. The questionnaire consists of 16 questions with multiple response options. Respondents are allowed to skip a question or multiple choice response options if necessary (Barman, Jaafar, and Rahim, 2009). Those who took the survey questions are easy to relate to, because they are based on real life situations (Rogers, 2009).

Once the completed questionnaire a score is provided along with the corresponding preference learning and learning strategies identified. It is necessary that students are aware of their learning style preference and knowing the best way to study to reach their full learning potential.

This article will discuss the results of the questionnaire Vark author of this work. After completing the VARK questionnaire, the results of this author show a multimodal learning preference.

Those falling into this category have no definite preference. According to the VARK website, “If you have multiple preferences that are found in most, since approximately 60% of any population fits that category” ( This author is the use of different combinations of modes Vark be effective when the learning materials.

A clear and complete understanding of the material is obtained after the combination of modes has been explored. This can be considered a drop in the amount of time spent in order to be satisfied with the information.

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However, it may be beneficial because this type of student perspectives explores more material and you can get a more versatile understanding of things. Preferred learning strategies derived from this author … each

You know how you learn best? There are many different ways to learn something new, but do you know what would benefit you most? VARK analysis tool can help you find the answer to that question. Means VARK Visual, Aural / auditory, reading / writing, and kinesthetic are the four categories of learning preferences. The VARK questionnaire online is free and consists of 16 questions based on real-life situations users can easily answer and relate. Users can check more than one answer to each question, if more than one answer applies to them. After completing the questions, the user has a score in each of the 4 categories. If a person scores high in more than one area considered multimodal and are flexible in their learning styles (Vark, nd). The website then provides various study strategies for each learning preference that users can implement to improve their learning.

The website warns that “The results indicate a” golden rule “and should not be applied rigidly. Remember that the questionnaire is not intended to respondents” box “in a mindset that has them” diagnosed “. Rather, it is designed to start the discussion, and reflection on, learning preferences “(VARK, sf) The author of this study completed the questionnaire online and discovered that she has a strong read / write learning preference. The VARK website states that “people who prefer this mode are often addicted to PowerPoint, Internet, lists, journals, dictionaries, thesauri, quotes and words, words, words” (Vark, nd), which is a fair assessment by author. VARK provides several ways to incorporate this information into their study habits, including: * Take notes and read them for several …

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