Analysis of TSUI WAH Essay

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Analysis of TSUI WAH


The company uses two statements for reporting its profit or loss and other comprehensive income. The following details is shown:


Staff costs increased by approximately HK$108.5 million, or approximately 37.8% from the year ended 31 March 2013 to 2014. The salary levels of employees in the food and catering sector has been generally rising in recent years. The increase was attributable to higher salaries and new staff recruited for the newly opened restaurants.


As a result of the higher revenue attributable to the strong growth in restaurant sales due to the quality food offered, the establishment of new restaurants and introduction of new items to the Group’s menu from time to time, the profit before tax increased by approximately HK$31.7 million, or approximately 20.1%, from the year ended 31 March 2013 to 2014.


During the prior year, a director and the chief executive were granted share options, in respect of their services to the Group, under the Pre-IPO share option scheme of the Company. The fair value of these options, which has been recognized in the statement of profit or loss over the vesting period, was determined as at the date of grant and the amount included in the financial statements for the current year is included in the above directors’ and chief executive’s remuneration disclosures.


The Group’s trading terms with its customers are mainly on cash and smart card settlement, except for well established, corporate customers for which the credit term is generally 60 days. The Group seeks to maintain strict control over its outstanding receivables to minimize credit risk. Overdue balances are reviewed regularly by senior management. The Group does not hold any collateral or other credit enhancement over its trade receivable balances.

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