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Analysis of the Job Interview Process Essay

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An effective interview process for an employee (candidate) is one in which they secure the job . In order for the process to be effective there are a number of factors they should consider before , during and after the interview .

Before the interview the employee must plan out everything including the route , on a different day they should try out this route and check how long it takes . Although on the day they will need to check the traffic on the roads which you will be going through .

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This is so you will get there on time and give a good first impression . A employer wants an employee to be on time everyday at work so they won’t miss meetings or time to work , this gives the employee the chance to demonstrate this . If the employee shows up to early for the interview this can be uncomfortable for the business . If the employee gets their too late they will give out a bad impression and lower their chances of being selected , being late shows a lack of care / interest so the business may assume they aren’t that bothered in getting the role .

The employee must call the business before hand to arrange any special need measures that need to taken for example disabled access . This shows you are organised and think ahead , A quality that the business will look for in a suitable candidate for the job . Prepare all documents and qualifications for any situation , it is better to have more documents than you need than not to have one . If the employee is lacking a document this shows bad organisation , the business would expect a employee that wants the job to put the time and effort into getting all the correct documents the night before . The employee should research into the business to demonstrate an interest into the business . This will make the employee feel more confident in the interview , confidence is a quality that the business would want in a candidate .

The employee must dress smartly to give out a good first impression , a business would want an employee to dress appropriately in the workplace . This shows that if they had the job they would not damage the businesses reputation . The employee should review the person specification and job description are think of any possible questions that could be asked , and they should think of possible responses . This will make the employee feel more confident as they will be ready for any type of situation . The employee needs to understand the format of how the interview will be . This will give off the impression of being prepared and organised . In most interviews often the employee is asked about their weaknesses and strengths , so the candidate should list these and for the weaknesses they should write how they will improve on this .

During the interview the employee needs to have the correct body language , they must be sitting up on the chair and not slouching . This shows an interest in being there and that they do want the job . An candidate that is smart and tidy shows confidence , a quality that the business would want in an employee . An employee should think of the answers to the questions in their head first before speaking to show confidence . If the employee does not understand , ask questions rather than just guess . A candidate must speak clearly and slowly to make sure the business is able to hear all the relevant information , and does not have to keep asking for the employee to repeat themselves . The business wants a confident employee that does not mumble or fidget .

Rather than just stating skills , use real life examples to prove that you are able to use these skills in real life , this shows when you are in the work place you will implement these skills . The employee should ask questions when invited to do so to show that you are interested into the business as well as the role and you want to know as much information as possible . Although do not ask to many questions as this can show a lack of knowledge into the business and shows you have not researched into the business . The business wants an employee who is passionate about the business and the employee should try to demonstrate this as much as possible . The employee must not be arrogant and assume they have got the job , the business do not want an employee who is overconfident and who is disrespectful .

After the interview the employee should ask for feedback on the interview . Then they should review how it went on their own by thinking about the strengths and weaknesses and how to improve for next time .


An effective interview process for an employee is one in which they secure the most suitable candidate . In order for the process to be effective there are a number of factors they should consider before , during and after the interview . Interviews are expensive to arrange so it is important that the whole process runs smoothly . A bad interview will give a bad impression for the employee and it may put them off . No discrimination should occur at any moment .

Before the interview all the interviewers should be aware of the aim of the interview . They are to produce a suitable candidate , provide the candidate with suitable information and treat all candidate equally and fairly . The questions needs to be planned in advance , the employer can use the job description and person specification for this, there needs to be a variety such as open and closed questions . The employer should check all questions meet employment laws , are suitable for all ages / sexes / religions and there is no discrimination . The employer should ask all candidates the same questions so it is easier to be judged against and this eliminates bias . The employer needs to look for gaps in the application form , cv or letter of application and ask about them . All the questions must be checked so none are discriminatory . The employer should split the questions between the interviewers and make sure everyone knows what they are saying .

Alternatively they can spilt the questions into categories and give each interviewer a category . This is so the interview runs smoothly and no one is repeating the same question and everyone knows who is making notes on what . The employer should plan responses to the questions the candidate may ask and prepare information that the candidate may possibly want to know . The employer should Make arrangements for the interviews this includes booking a room and preparing stationary and refreshments . Refreshments such as water will put the employee at ease and make them feel more comfortable . The employer needs to decide whether they want to sit in a circle or behind a desk although this may create a language barrier . The employer needs to create a suitable environment and impression for the candidate so they are at ease and more comfortable and establish if there are any special needs requirements that need to be taken so these can be met .

All phone calls should be diverted away from the interview room and the room should be free from all interruptions . This is why all staff including reception and security needs to be aware of the interviews so they do not walk in . Also the candidates need to get into the building if the staff isn’t aware that they are meant to be there this could cause a delay for all the interviews . This would give the employees a impression that the business is unorganised and this may put them off the job as they do not want to work for a business that is unorganised . This could cause the most suitable candidate to walk out , and for the recruitment process to be a waste of money , time and resources . The employer needs to appointment a member of staff to hand out refreshments .

The employer needs to arrange a suitable timescale for the interviews allowing sufficient time for the interview and time in between . This is important as no employee will be rushed and if one interview runs over it will not delay all the candidate . This would give out the impression that the business is unorganised and put off candidates . The interviewers can not be biased towards one particular candidate as this could put off future candidates for a different role as the business will be labelled as bias and no one will waste their time applying . Letters need to be created to be sent out to unsuccessful candidates and successful candidates to let them know where the second interview or the next stage in the recruitment process . If these aren’t sent out no candidates will show up as no one will know if they were successful or not . The employer should create a structure for the interviews so they run smoothly .

During the interview records need to be kept of the process , the employer needs to make sure there are notes being taken . This will help make a final decision as the employer won’t be able to remember an exact response because of how many candidates the employer will be seeing . If candidate is not appointed they have the right to ask why they didn’t get the job , they may ask for copies of the interview notes , this protects the business from having to go tribunal for discrimination . Introduce the interviewers and then ask about the employee’s journey . Also explain the structure of the interview . Make the candidate feel more welcome this will put them at ease and make them feel more comfortable.

This candidate could be the most suitable but may just be nervous so it is in the employer’s best interest to make sure all candidates are at ease . The employer must always give the candidate time to think and do not rush them , although if they start to digress the employer needs to bring the employee back to the relevant point . The employer needs to explain the next stage of recruitment process to make sure the candidate understands what is going on . The employer finally needs to ask them if they have any final questions and thank them for their time and interest in the role .

After the interview the interviewers need to bring all their notes together and discuss each candidate one by one and state the strengths and weaknesses and if they can be overcome . Then the employer needs to send letters to successful and unsuccessful candidates . The interviewers need to keep all notes as the candidates can ask for this afterwards , and this saves the business from discrimination charges . Also it is helpful for the employer to ask the employee if they are still interested in the job because if they are not time can be saved .

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